Everything you will ever want to know about Chad Nicely and even more…

Pictured: Pismo Beach, CA

Pismo Beach, CA

Hi there, guys. This is the third time I have updated my “about me page”.  I’m going to make sure this is the final time!  When you’re done reading this page, you will know everything that motivates me, inspires me, and moves me.

I was born in 1976 in Santa Maria, California.  Although I don’t claim Santa Maria, I do claim the nearby town of Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo.  This is about 5 hours south fromSan Francisco, and about an hour north of Santa Barbara.

I make it home about twice a year; we take the kids to DisneyLand, Universal Studios, and of course, the great Pismo Beach.


My School and Education

Pictured: Short Skirts & UGG Boots

Short Skirts & UGG Boots

I was raised in a Christian school from preschool all the way to Junior High.  My Junior High School was called Orcutt Junior High.  This is where my first hormones kicked in.  I mean, what you expect when you’re raised to wear belts, tucked in shirts as well as wearing nice clothes? And if you did not behave, the principal would paddle your butt!  Yes, that was still allowed, and I can’t tell you what that experience felt like.  I was a good kid in school, however, junior high… Oh boy, whole other world for me.

All of a sudden, I was seeing the girls in their short mini skirts, flipping their hair, just having a good time.  My eyes had been opened.  Something I do remember back then; California had this fad.  All the girls would wear these short mini skirts, and then they would wear these Ugg boots.  You know, those Australian boots.  It didn’t even matter if it was a hundred degrees outside; they would still wear them.  Now I know why I’m so fascinated when my wife wears hers.

Pictured: Chad's Andre Agassi

Chad’s Andre Agassi

Junior high, the year was 1990; this was also the year I got my $100 pair of Nike Andre Agassi shoes.  Oh man, I have never been so thrilled to have something in all my life.  You know what guys? They even had like this pink spray paint on them.  Back then, $100 was a lot of money but still, to this day, I felt fortunate to have had those shoes.  Kind of like Bill Engvall saying, “Man, for the first time in my life, I was cool.”


High school was not so great.  I was actually picked on quite a bit.  I was only about 120 lbs if that, I had spaghetti arms. I didn’t really date a lot, can’t remember going to any of the dances, and I was pretty much a loner.  I actually skipped my senior year which was one of the biggest regrets of my life.  However, I did graduate.  While everybody else was finishing their senior year, I was off earning college credits.  I was tired of school letting me down.

Pictured: Ernest Righetti High School

Ernest Righetti High School

What I remember most about high school were the fights.  Man, I loved the fights that would take place.  It seemed like every break, the whole school knew where a fight would take place.  The best ones were those cat fights.  Man, could those girls scratch!  These were the cool times.  My first fight was when I was in summer school with this long haired, hippy guy named Doug Rochelle.  I’ll never forget it.  I cleaned his clock.  That’s what high school was for me.


My Life after High School!

So right after high school, I decided to have a career as a cop.  Don’t ask me where it comes from; it was just something I was always fascinated with.  So I went and took all my Administration of Justice classes, and then eventually joined one of the police academies.  Guys, I was 18, and once you are post certified, you have 2 years to find a job.  There were no possible ways for me to get hired.

Police Academy

Pictured: Police Academy

So let me tell you, those tack officers and drill instructors had a hay day with me.  There really was no point in me being there.  However I made it half way through that crap.  I got called into the directors office only to be told, there is no possible way we can graduate you.  However, please come back and do it again when your old enough.

Two years later I did just that.  This time I graduated.  I could talk all day about what happened next, I could also tell you I did security for one of the biggest stars the world has every seen, but it’s all in the past.  Something I choose not to talk about, because that’s all people ask me about.


Moving from the Sun to the Snow

Pictured: Moving to the Snow

Moving to the Snow

So out of the blue one day I get a call from my little brother who was currently living in Casper, Wyoming.  He tells me, my father n’ law is one of the big supervisors on the Sheriff’s Department up here and runs the jail.  You could very easily transfer up and work in Wyoming.

Now guys, this had to have been about 1998.  Casper was a little secret at that time.  When I came up there to visit my brother and my father I remember paying $.79 for a gallon of gas, a $300,000 home in California was selling for about $100,00 in Casper.  There was deer, bunnies, and wildlife running around everywhere, and there was no state tax.  It was awesome times.

So I made the move to Casper, Wyoming.  Now my law-enforcement career never continued in Wyoming.  There is one simple reason.  When I got here I rode around with the guys on the PD, and the Sheriffs department.  You guys need to try to do a traffic stop at 1:00 am in -30 degree weather.  Yup that was the end of it for me.

Instead I started working for my families company.  Turntec Manufacturing.  We manufacture all the parts the companies are currently running on the rigs.  My position there is Operations Manager, and I am still with the company.  I’ve been there over 11 years.


My First Business Adventures…

I think what you’re going to conclude with this part of the post is that I am ADD.  I will forgive you for thinking so.  I’m starting to think maybe I am. I have done so much with my life.  However since I started working for my family’s company.  I became very business savvy.

Things got way out of control for me.  I started a web design company around 1999 called White Peaks, LLC.  We basically went out and convinced businesses why they needed a presence on the Internet.  A very tough sell back then in Wyoming.  This venture came to an end when my girlfriend and I called it quits.  Thank God, that song that Garth sings “Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers,”  Oh so true looking back.

I have also owned a gift store in our mall here.  It was called “Gifts in Harmony”.  My business partner and I who happened to be my fiancée at the time (Don’t do that!) would head of to Las Vegas and attend the ASD Merchandise show, and shows all over this part of the country.  We would seek to find the most unique, and expensive products we could find.  We were the first to introduce the misting fountains to Wyoming as well as a cool little product called the Water Symphony.

Now what the mall didn’t know, is that I had about 10 websites that I was constantly selling stuff from our store.  We were using the ECT templates.  I found a way to replicate the sites files, give it a new look and have the same database feed all the sites.  We were making gobs of money.  Back then our traffic source was all coming from Overture.

Anyways to make a long story short we did so well in that mall they wanted to triple out rent, so we packed it up and went on to a new business adventure.


A Little Taste of Philly for this Boy!

So after my gift store closed I walked over to the other side of the mall, and there was a Mexican restaurant that was going out of business.  So I walked up to the owner and gave him $12,000 cash, and told him when you leave this place I own all your kitchen equipment.  You see when I was a teenager my first job was working at this little restaurant called “Lidos” in Santa Maria, California.  It was owned by Papa Lido and his wife Beth.  Man what awesome people in my life.  I absolutely loved that job.

What I remember about Papa Lido is when he was a young man about the same age as me, he worked for”Pat’s King of Steaks” in Philly.  Yes this is the original Philly!  So he started he restaurant.  Little would I know years from now I would create my own Philly Cheese Steak restaurant and we called it “Philly’s Steak n’ Company.”  Now check out this menu.  Our main items were Authentic Philly’s, Giant Charbroiled burgers, Massive Funnel Cakes, Ribbon Fries, and Old Fashion malts and shakes.

Let me tell you guys something.  I can definitely grill up a good Philly.  We even used the famous “Amoroso” rolls imported from Philly.  I promise you it was the best you ever tasted.  We had two restaurants, one of them was that mall store.  In addition to that we fabricated a massive catering setup and served Wyoming at all their events.  Massive crowds, I’ll bet we had 90% of all the business.


As if two restaurants weren’t enough…

I just had one more hunger in my life that I had to satisfy.  Anybody that knows me knows I am addicted to Coffee.  I absolutely love the smell of it, I love the coffee shop surrounding, and everything about it.  Cute little Barista’s, yup it all works.

Well I decided if I was going to be able to have my own little “Latte” every day then I was just going to have to open my own coffee shop.  I did just that.  The name of this coffee-house was “Moody Brews.”  Guys, I loved this place.  We gutted it all out and completely redid it.  Laid down all wood floors, painted the building a rustic brown and tan pallet of colors, and even hung beautiful chandlers to set the ambiance.  It was perfect!

We made fresh pastries, scones, chocolates.  We served fresh Gelato, something Casper had not even seen.  We had the biggest most elegant salad bar in town, and our coffee drinks were served in beer steins.  They were humongous.  Everything was perfect.

We even had concerts that were played on the stage, nights of karaoke, it was just an awesome little hang out.

However, Casper is a boom town, and when the oil hits, this economy goes nuts.  You see banks popping up everywhere, big chains, famous restaurants, its crazy.  I experienced this in the prime of my restaurants.  Overnight all the oil companies moved in.  They were hiring kids out of high school for $19.00 to go work on the rigs.  Restaurants could not find employees.  Burger King started hiring burger flippers at $14.00 an hour, full benefits with a $1,000 sign on bonus.  It became too much to handle.  The help we did have were robbing us blind.  I couldn’t find managers, my business partner and I were having problems in our relationship as a result, and at this time we had a beautiful little girl named Katarina.

It all came to an end real quick. We sold it and shut it all down.  I couldn’t take the stress.  My partner who was my fiancée at the time called it quits.  That was the end of my business career as far as owning stores.


Marrying The Girl of my Dreams…

Pictured: Chad & Sarah Wedding

Chad & Sarah Wedding

While all this was coming to an end, I met the girl who is now my wife.  Her name is Sarah.  I’m sure I don’t already have to tell you, if you haven’t met her.

Sarah she is an absolute firecracker!  She drives me nuts but I just dig her.  She has got to be one of the funniest people I have met in my life.

Sarah and I got married in Las Vegas.  She had already done the big wedding, and I was just wanted to keep it simple.  No we didn’t do the typical drive through wedding.  We did something much more extravagant.  Sarah and I actually got married in a helicopter while flying over the strip.

Pictured:My Wife, The girl of my dreams

My Wife, The girl of my dreams

After that we then headed to see the Blue Man Group.  Guy’s if you have never been to the “Blue Man Group” then you need to check it out.  It is awesome.  However!  I do not recommend you go in your wedding dress.  Now I knew something was up when we got in there and everybody was wrapping themselves up in plastic.  To make matters worse, we were in like the third row.  I can remember all the comments everybody was making about, is she wearing a wedding dress?  Yup we were in for the time of our life.  After the show, we asked one of the blue man if he would propose to Sarah since it was her wedding night.  This picture has been Sarah’s Facebook profile ever since that trip.


Pictured: My Daughter Katarina

My Daughter Katarina

My Beautiful Little Daughter Katarina

Kat is my little angel.  She is such an awesome little girl.  She has a heart of gold and doesn’t have a hateful bone in her body.  She is just a big ball of attitude and I absolutely dig her.  She is totally into the nails, and clothes, but she’s not one to do her hair all fancy.

Katarina is a die-hard fan of Michael Jackson.  She was born and raised in the restaurants, and all I can say is God Blessed me with this little one.


My Little Baby Girl Madalyn

Pictured: My Daughter Madalyn

My Daughter Madalyn

Madalyn is only 3 years old.  What a personality she has.  She has a feisty side like her mamma, but the personality that can melt your heart.

Madalyn hangs out with her daddy and we go get ourselves a coffee at the nearby Starbucks.  She actually gets a vanilla steamer, but she just doesn’t know any better.  She is my little “Latte Girl”.

Madalyn is the only child my wife and I have.  She is very special to me.  I can’t imagine life without this little doll running around everywhere.


Three’s Not a Crowd in our House

Pictured: My Step Son Drew

My Step Son Drew

Finally last but not least, I should tell you that my wife Sarah has a little boy from a previous marriage.  Well actually he’s not so little now.  He’s 10 years old, but he was little when I came into the picture.  I would be lying if I said it hasn’t been rough between he and I.  However, that can be expected when you’re not the father.  Step families definitely are not the easiest.

He is definitely his father’s son totally into sports, monster trucks, and the mud.  All in all he’s a good kid, and I’m glad he’s a part of my life.



My Other Passions in Life…

Before I conclude this post, you know where I came from, how I was raised, the various paths that life took me on, all in all I say I have lived a pretty satisfying life and I’m only 35 years old at the time of this writing.

Pictured: Power Lifting

Power Lifting

There are a couple of things that you need to know about me.   I’m not that typical geek that you guys might picture.  Sitting on the computer day and night, with a pocket protector, and taped glasses.  I am actually one that likes to go conquer the world first thing on the weekends, I love taking my wife out to breakfast, and I can’t say I love it, but I love the feeling afterwords, I am a heavy weight lifter.

I take it serious to.  I watch the protein I eat.  I take protein shakes everyday.  I weigh myself every night.  It’s what I do to help me stay positive about myself.  The picture on the left is one I took not to long ago from my gym which is a block away.



Last but not least, there is one more thing i want you to know about me!

Pictured: My Faith In Jesus

My Faith In Jesus

Guys, this might surprise you.  However my faith in the Good Lord above is a very big part of my life.  I try to start the day off each and every single day reading a chapter in my daily Bible.  I’m actually on track to finish the entire Bible this year.

What you don’t know is I hate reading, give me a movie instead.  I’ve never finished a book in my life.  So this will be quite an achievement.  I’m very active in my church, and am thankful for all that the Good Lord above has provided for me any my family.

You know, one’s faith in God is not an easy thing to talk about.  People are so judgmental.  It has never been easy for me to talk about either.  Then I realized am I ashamed?  I don’t want to be ashamed I want to be proud of the relationship I have with the big man above.  So if you think lower of me for that.  Then I’m sorry.  Other marketers have told me your making a big mistake talking about this.  You know what guys, this is a story about me.  It’s who I am.

He has to come first in my life.  There are a lot of times, my business gets exciting and I fail to make that happen.  I then have to ask for forgiveness and try to do better the next day.  I want to conclude with something that I live by, as hard as it is to believe this is one of the greatest things I’ve every heard in my life:

“Pursuing the things of the flesh, will just result in death”


Ok guys, hope you’ve got to know me better.  I hope I answered everybody’s questions.  I know look forward to the opportunity to meet each and every one of you.  I didn’t even bother with my marketing career cause you guys already know enough about that from reading my posts and pages.

I hope I’ve left the impression, that I’m just like you.  Husband, Father, Marketer, Scholar, Worker, Business Owner.  Yes, I wear a lot of hats, but my hope is that you will relate to me as you read my posts and pages.

I highly encourage you to get connected.  Click that little RSS icon at the top of my blog and join my feed.  You can find me on all the networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Etc.

I love Skype and you can find me at the address below.

Most importantly please interact with me, I love your comments and will always respond.  It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree, just let me know.  In return I’ll check out your blog, and return the favor.  I’ve got plugins that allow you to very easily syndicate and share my content with the rest of the world, and I want to thank you in advance for doing so.  Enjoy your stay here, and I hope you come back.


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  • Frank J Marino

    July 2, 2011

    Thanks for the Post Chad, senukex i think is out. it does a lot of different things but not sure it’s worth the money until you can justify the cost.

    AMR is cheaper tool and can still get you ranked

    I would do AMR + tribepro as a better solution
    That’s just my 2cents..
    Bluesman signin’ off

    • Chad Nicely

      July 4, 2011

      Hey Frank!
      Absolutely, Justify everything. When you’ve got an empire of sites it’s easy to justify. Your solution with AMR is awesome I use that also. Hmmm thinking I need to review that tool next. Don’t be a stranger Frank!