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Sounds to Good to be True…. But you really can get Free Backlinks Right Now, Every Day!

Hey guys, I’ve got two really cool things to share with you today.  Before I tell you how you can get your Free backlinks.  I’m going to share with you what I am doing with my backlinks.

Anybody can get free backlinks.  However to get backlinks at no cost to you takes a little bit of effort.  If you don’t already know to get a top ranking in Google, it’s all about the backlinks you have pointing to your money site, but more importantly it’s about indexed backlinks pointing to your site.

I do everything I can to get as many backlinks as I possibly can.  Every tool that is available on the market, I am running it to the ground.  Just to give you an example of the tools im using to get backlinks:

Generating Backlinks:
SEnuke X
SEO Link Vine
Unique Article Wizard
Sick Submitter

Getting Backlinks Indexed:
Drip Feed Blasts
Backlink Indexer

You Haven’t Seen The Free BackLinks Yet!

Alright, so that’s nothing new to you guys.  Anybody that keeps tabs on my blog, knows that I get links from the lethal combination of SEnuke and Backlinks Indexer.  However what you don’t know is that I also build up EDU and Blog Backlinks.  I get links from Forum profiles, blog commenting, video submission.  If you want to be king in Googles eyes, it’s not only about the quantity of backlinks you have but also the quality and diversity.

Now those are just the tools.  I’ve got staff that are constantly writing articles and submitting them to all the top directories.  I’ve tried out every kind of backlinking service available.  The learning curve never stops.  The tools will never stop being created.  Get the Backlinks!  Get as many as you can.

Now, part of the reason why I’m so sold on all these tools and services is because I’ve got over 100 different sites in a number of niches.  If you think it’s a challenge to get traffic and backlinks to one site, try doing it on a mass level.  It’s a challenge, to say the least.



What can I say guys I like to talk.  I absolutely love sharing things with you.  As much as I can anyways.  So let’s get some backlinks.  Recently I stumbled onto two resources that are a way killer deal especially if you’re after Free Backlinks.  I know ill get backlinks any which way I can.

Here is the first site.  You can get free backlinks real easy.  All you need to do is sign up.  I haven’t figured out what their catch is yet.  Who Cares!  Maybe there just building a mailing list.  That’s got to be a massive list.  Like I said above who really cares its Free Backlinks guys!

I almost forgot to mention, they are giving you 50 Free Backlinks a DAY!  Get out of Town!

Click Here To Get Your Free Backlinks Resource #1

Pictured: Free Backlinks!

Free Backlinks resource #1


I know you have some questions, after all Free Backlinks really is too good to be true.  Let me see if I can answer some of them for you!

QUESTION: What types of links are these?  Where do they come from?

ANSWER: These links are created from all types of sites.  Basically anything that will accept a link.  Sites like comments, forums, blogs, guestbooks, etc….


QUESTION: What tools are used to create these free backlinks?

ANSWER: The site owners claim all these free backlinks are created with their own in-house propitiatory tools.  Apparently not the tools we see on the market.

QUESTION: Do they provide verification when the job is complete?

ANSWER: YES!  There is a completed projects file that you can download

Ok guys, what do you think?  I think you would be crazy for not signing up to receive your Free Backlinks deal.  I’m not sure how long they will do this before they are buried.  They do have upgrades available, and you receive more free backlinks to your account the more people you sign up.   Trust me guys, I spend thousands of dollars every month building up and maintaining my backlinks.  This is sweet offer!

Click Here To Get Your Free Backlinks Resource #1



This next source is just freaking awesome.  I’ve actually only played with it today.  For a month you can try out their service.  Now what they allow you to do is get links with Blog Comments, or with Xrummer Profiles.  You can get 25 links a day.

Click Here To Get Your Free Backlinks Resource #2

Pictured: Free Backlinks Resource #2

Free Backlinks Resource #2

Click Here To Get Your Free Backlinks Resource #2

Now, here’s a little advice.  I know you will love this service I can tell by the features available in this site.  So after your month you can upgrade… or check this out.  Here is how simple it is to get another month of Free Backlinking.

All you need to do is post a review on their site in any of the suggested categories to

“The systems ease of use…”
“Amount of links delivered vs promised…”
“Timeliness of reports…”
“Or any other topic you would like…”

I played around with their free account and saw the possibilities and features right away.  I have since upgraded to their Massive Premium Account.  However, I’m not going to sit here and tell you guys how great it is until I give it a good test run.  So watch for a full review here in the coming week.

I will however tell you why I upgraded.  Here is what is available in my premium account.

  • Unlimited projects
  • Daily choice of:
    1,000 Blog comments
    2,000 profiles
    100 Article Directory
    100 Social bookmarks
    100 PR4+ Linkwheel
    10 Web 2.0 sites
  • Multi day projects
  • Schedule out for months in advance

That service will run you $137 each and every month.  Now, that may seem high but when you figure out you can have unlimited projects, and unlimited URL’s its worth it.  This tool if it works like I think will be doing the job of about 4 or 5 outsourcers.  That usually runs me about $2000 for all outsourcers.

Click Here To Get Your Free Backlinks Resource #2




I was going to conclude with 2 free backlink sources.  However, I’m in a Great mood so lets give you guys one more!  This baby is a little bit different in nature.  It reminds me of another tool I’m going to share with you guys in the near future.

Click Here To Get Your Free Backlinks Resource #3

Pictured: Free Backlinks Resource #3

Free Backlinks Resource #3

Click Here To Get Your Free Backlinks Resource #3

Here is how Social Monkee works.  You actually get 25 free backlinks each and every day.  You don’t have to pay for a thing unless you want to upgrade.  This backlinking tool is a little bit different in nature.  What you do is install a firefox plugin, and when you want to submit a site, you click this little monkey icon in your browser.  Off you go!

Now what makes this one really different is the 25 backlinks are all dofollow backlinks on cclass servers.  Awesome stuff.

Ok guys, there you have it.  I’d really appreciate to get some comments from you guys.  Most importantly got get those FREE BACKLINKS!

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  4. Reply DowntroddenInDc Aug 28,2011 7:36 pm

    Socialmonkee is definitely a must for blogs. Every time I write a new post, I add it to socialmonkee. You’re limited to one posting every 24 hours, but if you update your blog everyday, and use it, it turns into a lot of backlinks pretty quickly.

    • Reply Chad Nicely Sep 2,2011 9:13 pm


      Definitely an asset for any link building strategy! I’ll let you in on a secret if you refer 15 people to Social Monkee they will upgrade you to their premium service. Then you get 3 submissions every day to 100+ sites!

  5. Reply Johnnie Sep 11,2011 8:01 pm

    Thanks for the backlink guide Chad. As all webmasters know, getting backlinks is one of the most difficult and time consuming aspects of managing a website.

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    Just now registered in Social monkee, But the doubt I have is whether the backlinks created are do-follow or no-follow. If it’s no-follow , Will it help me rank better in SERPS

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    Thanks for sharing these great back linking sources. I started using SocialMonkee a few days back and I think its a cool and easy tool for backlinks. I will use the other 2 sources you mentioned and I think its gonna help my blog a lot.
    Thanks again.

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    I know there is a free method to getting backlinks. Using a html blog commentary code in google search..

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    I have heard a lot about Social monkee but never heard of Backlinkgenie. This is looking like a great and free backlink creation tool. But not so sure how much effective it will be because all these are looking like automated backlink creation. Can anyone clarify me?

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    These are looking very useful backlink resources and I would like to give them try and as backlinks are the most vital for your site you need to use some of the sources like this, but make sure that they are good enough to your site.

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    Are these backlinks with custom anchor text? Are we sure that their lists are “safe”?

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    tanks for pisa – italy

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    Hopefully these are totally legit ways!

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    Cool list of free backlinks, would you consider any of them to be not worth using for a professionel company (due to google blocking) ?

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