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Networking Offline

I have to say that getting a chance to come here and write for a friends blog is a lot of fun for me. I think you will agree that Chad’s blog here looks really great and he has done wonders for his site going with a high level template which is thesis. I tried to give it a go myself, but thesis and I did not get along well. Chad has his setup just right and a lot of folks who visit see this the level he has risen to. They like the blog itself and Chad writes as he speaks.

I had a chance to visit him and his family in Casper Wyoming just a few months ago and it wonderful I was able to spend the whole day with them and meet the kids and his wife. I have to say that Madalyn his youngest is a complete pistol. We got along great and I can’t wait to get back there again someday and visit again. We went out at every meal and had lot’s of food to try out.

When we arrived at his house we started just shooting the breeze about his websites and what area of improvement was needed if any. He showed me his main blog which is where you are now and we went over some traffic stats and took a look at what he was doing with keyword selection and how his posts were looking. He has a lot of great traffic stats from Alexa as some of you will note, but he was wanting just a bit more of a laser focused area or direction of travel. We talked about the really hard keywords to rank for which is make money online or make money from your website and that type of thing.

Chad’s Chosen Path

Some friends had suggested that he may not try to attempt such a feat, going after these really tough keywords, but I said “Why not”? They were only trying to help him understand that going after these could result in huge failure, but I had an inclination that if Chad was to try hard and be honest, he could do it. Since Chad writes as he speaks, his honesty comes across to folks who are struggling to make an money online. It’s a tough business out there and there are so many spammers and scammers who use all the dirty tricks in the book to remove competitors, it can be seen as a real hard row to hoe.

Authority blogging seems to be a real key here to getting some search results stickiness. I have a network of blogs myself, but only a few who could be termed authority blogs. The ones I speak of would be ones where I personally have years of experience with in the blog topic, and this plays out in the writing and content subject matter. This in itself is a tip to those who would want to venture down this road. I also have some niche blogs, and they seem to do well. With this combination the income keeps rolling in each and every month.

Blogging Choices-Authority Or Niche?

The main thing to those of you who are thinking of blogging, try to find your niche or area of interest that you can actually write about. This has been said many times before many times. There are three ways of attack that we can talk about now. Authority blogs, niche blogs, and micro niche blogs.

1. Authority blogs

Mainly a general subject like painting and how to become an accomplished painter. Or if you want, a blog on making money online for example.

2. Niche blogs

This could be boiled down to just a certain facet of either painting or making money from your website. An example, how to paint with oil, or on the other subject, how to do wordpress seo.

3. Micro Niche Blogs

You could focus on a particular oil paint product or just one wordpress plugin that will focus on improving your seo factors.

You can see how keyword research, personal knowledge and interests from monthly searches will help determine your avenue of approach to your next blog projects. Spending a good amount of time on good keyword research can save you headaches down the road, and this is time well spent. You can use tools like Market Samurai, the Google keyword tool and take your data and compare it.

What Did Sean Say On His Interview With Me?

The one good thing about blogging is that you can choose your own path. I have tried so many different ways of blogging and blog types. I really am waiting for commission commando to be released so we can get started on a better platform for niche blogs.  I think there are a lot of folks just as excited to see the product when it comes out. A lot of time has went into the launch of a good product, the software has to be just right for folks to use. The software is still in beta at the time of this writing from what I understand, and all the kinks need to be worked out so there will be no problems when customers begin to use it.

I did an interview with the program creator Sean Donahoe a short time back, you can visit the link and sign up to view the page where the interview is. I had been the one who was being interviewed for breaking the $10,000 a month mark as one of his students this year. So it was time the tables were turned on him. I did not go easy on him at all, some of the questions were a bit tougher than most. You the reader deserves hearing it straight and no BS.

Commission Commando Interview With Sean Donahoe


Thanks for reading folks, see you there…



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