CommentLuv is the New Era of “Blog Commenting”

Wow, have I had my eyes opened recently. About a month ago I would have told you to go ahead and subscribe to packages like Blog Comment Shop, which is a really cool package as well as packages like “Angela’s Backlinks.” Well with the recent developments that have taken place recently I have a better option for you.

Many of you have been keeping tabs on me, and seeing all the relationship building I have been doing with other authority blogs. How do I know this? Well I read your emails. I always respond to them too. I’ve written tons of guest posts recently, and I have done more blog commenting in the past month then I have done in my whole career on the internet.

Let me first warn you. If you are using tools, or automation services to build up comments for you… then STOP! Seriously. You can get so much more out of blog commenting then any automated submission is going to give you. First of all it is clouding the internet with useless garbage, second of all your not adding value to the readers when they view the post and look for honest opinions and feedback. Last the personal connection is just not there

Commentluv is now my favorite plugin of all time! 

Pictured:Download CommentLuv

Download CommentLuv

The general idea behind Commentluv has not changed since Andy Bailey first came out with the program.  I posted this screen shot for anybody that is not  familiar with how Commentluv works.

When your readers leave a comment, the plugin will automatically pull the last 10 links from their RSS feed, and they can then include that link in their comment.

Exactly  like you see below:

Pictured: CommentLuv Link Display

Commentluv Link Display

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Commentluv means leads to More Traffic, More Authority, and Massive Backlinks!

Alright, so that is how the current version of Commentluv works.  Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, man did I eat my words.  Andy is a freaking genius!  The new features that he has rolled out with are out of this world, and will change authority blogging as we know it.

Let me just give you a run down then will go over it, and I’ll tell you how to rock the house with Commentluv


The New Commentluv 2.9 and it’s Kick Ass Features!

Pictured: CommentLuv Features

Commentluv Features

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The new Commentluv gives you the ability to decide:

  • Whether or not you want to give full access to Commentluv links on your blog
  • You can decide if you want users to register before they have access to their last 10 posts.
  • Or better yet you can set it up so that they have to “Like” “Tweet” or “Google+” the post before they have access to their last 10 posts
  • You can decide if you want the Commentluv links to be DO-Follow, or set limits
  • You now have the ability to turn on the “KeywordLuv” feature
  • You can very easily moderate trackbacks
Pictured: CommentLuv Premium Admin

Commentluv Premium Admin


The new Commentluv is Social Media at it’s best!

I’m sure you guys have read all the posts I have done on Social Media, and lately my focus has been Google Plus.  Well check out the image below.  Now let’s put this in perspective.  Let’s say the last post I wrote was about September 11, 2001.  Which it was.  It was a great post, and one that I felt the need to do.  However, I am not going to monetize from that post at all.

When I do my blog commenting I would like to be able to choose my posts that generate the most income.  Well, all I need to do is “Like'”, “Tweet”, or “Google Plus” that person’s post, and I then have access to my last 10 posts.  If I do not do one of those three options then I will get to post my last link like you see below.

CommentLuv Social Media Option

Commentluv Social Media Option


Imagine the possibilities with this new feature.  It is unreal!  Now I highly suggest you check out Commentluv.  Whether or not you get the premium package is up to you, but you would be a fool not use the tool.  I only showed you a few features.  There is 8 features!

Ok, well having said it that way.  I will show you one more feature.  Happens to be my 2nd favorite feature of Commentluv

You might have heard of a plugin called KeywordLuv.  Awesome!  When you install this plugin on your blog, your viewer is then able to leave a keyword in their name.  So when Google indexes that post it relates your keyword to your backlink.  The new Commentluv plugin has all that integrated into one.

Pictured: KeywordLuv Integrated Into CommentLuv

KeywordLuv Integrated Into Commentluv

Commentluv Rocking Out With The Tweetie Bird!

Oh yeah, you’re going to dig this.  The new Commentluv has the ability for the user to input their Twitter name, when there leaving their comment.  So their actual comment might look a lot like you see below:


Pictured: CommentLuv Hooking up with Twitter!

Commentluv Hooking up with Twitter!

Commentluv also includes the New GASP feature.  Now I really don’t know much about this however what it does is it combats spambots and trackback spam.  It also has a checkbox that the user must click before they submit their comment.  This just ensures they are a live human being.

Ok, so I’m sure by now your sold on Commentluv good idea!

Here is how you can get started with Commentluv

My good friend Ana Hoffman from the Traffic Generation Cafe, absolutely went out of her way to provide a list that she probably could have sold for at least $97.00.  However, she has given that to use Commentluv users for Free.

It is absolutely awesome, and I am having a ball with it.  My traffic is increasing every day, my sales are going up, my backlinks have been getting indexed in a very rapid manner, my Alexa is going though the roof,  I’ve met some great authority figures in my niche, and I’m making a bigger name for myself.

How’s that for justification?

Before you look at this list, look at all the work Ana has put into it, you will know before you get to each blog how they are set up and what they accept and don’t accept.

  • KL / no KL – the blog is KeywordLuv enabled / not enabled
  • DF – Dofollow blog
  • NF – Nofollow blog
  • Only last post – the blog owner gives you a choice of your last post only
  • Registration – you can choose to register on that blog to have a choice of your last 10 posts
  • IntenseDebate – the blog uses a non-native WP commenting system
  • Not updated – the plugin needs to be updated (if the plugin is not updated soon, it’ll stop functioning – those blogs might not be Commentluv enabled much longer).

So here is where you can get her list:

By the way, if your blog is at least a PR#2 and you have Commentluv enabled on your blog, just let Ana know and she will add you to her list!

Last Minute Tip When Using Commentluv

  • Tip# 1 – Make sure you have a nice image set up over at
  • Tip #2 – If a blog has KeywordLuv enabled, make sure you take advantage of that, example:  (chad@Make Money Online)
  • Tip #3 – Check that box that says notify me when there are responses to my post, or new comments
  • Tip #4 – Create a separate email address just to handle your blog comments.  (Mine is

Guys, just to kind of touch on tip#3.  If you get an email saying somebody has responded to your comment that is opportunity is knocking on your door.  Continue the conversation with them.  Leave another response if you can.  Why?  This is another chance to get another one of your links in there.  Which means more traffic, and you’re getting to know other people in your niche.  This is how you become an authority figure!

Alright, so hows, that.  Think we covered it all, I highly recommend that you give Commentluv a try, and when you do make this blog your first stop!

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