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Hey guys, so this one is so good, I not only made a video, but I actually blasted my list too.  I honestly think this is probably one of the most superior Internet Marketing services I have ever encountered.  Let me put it to you this way. I had an early jump on this, one of my inside sources told me it was coming.  Now, what I didn’t know is the price tag that would be associated with this service.  It could have been a $2000 price tag, and I would have jumped no problem.

Click here To Check out the FB Webinar System

Now let me kind of give you a run down, I’m going to keep this post sweet and short, because I want you guys to watch this video, so you can see how crazy excited I get.  However, here is the take away from the video.  So many Internet Marketers, will tell you they have purchased this tool, and are actually using it.  Well that is a ploy, and it’s a bunch of BS.  I wanted you to see for yourself, that I actually bought this service for my own use.

Here is the reason I bought the FB Webinar service without evening knowing the price:

1. Host LIVE Webinars on FACEBOOK!  You can host live webinars from Facebook.  You can sell your own product or service, an affiliate product, or the best part… They have “done for you Webinars”, you don’t even have to have a product.  That was one killer concept.  So even people who have not developed their own product can make money online.

2. Host Recorded Webinars on FACEBOOK!  If you don’t want to do a live webinar you can do a recorded one, or you can do one of those power point slides.  Like we teach in Video Marketing Goldmine.  Either way, this is income on autopilot.

3. Build a Massive List!  Some of you are going to send me nasty emails over this, but remember I’m not the creator.  When somebody logs on to your webinar in Facebook, the first thing they have to do is click an Allow button.  Now, this service is integrated with autoresponders, like Aweber, Getresponse, Icontact, etc… when the person clicks that allow button your autoresponder will capture their email from Facebook.  Guys, that is a real email, I promise you!

4. Entice Others to Bring Their Friends In!  Ok, now I absolutely love this part.  When your viewers join the webinar, they are offered a reward of your choice for bringing in more members.  When I did my demo I was given a $197 marketing script just for bringing more people in.  You seeing the potential here?

5. Build a Big Downline!  – Ok, this is rather cool.   You can set you webinars up on a MLM downline.  More money in your pocket.  Guys this one here is a NO Brainer, and this service is early enough that you should jump on it now!

6. Resell The FB Webinar System – The only people allowed to sell the FB Webinar system, are people who actually bought the system themselves.  Which means, you have the opportunity to tap into a massive market that is very low in competition.  They will pay you 33% of the sale every single month that person is a member!

So much more….

Click here To Check out the FB Webinar System

The FB Webinar system has so much more….

Guys this system really has all the bells and whistles, and it’s so simple to set up.  Be sure you watch that video, and I will give you a sneak peek into the members area.  They have videos for every part of the set up.

Now, I’ll be up front with you, this service is $97 a month with a $199 set up fee.  Yes it sounds steep, but if you sell just 3 of their services alone every month, then you are paid for.  I watched a webinar the other night, where my friend made 40k, in 90 minutes.  Not only that he built up another 1500 subscribers.

This really is a no brainer, but don’t take my word for it.  Check out their cool demonstration in my link below.   This really is revolutionary, and it will change the way we do Internet Marketing from this point forward.  Get in while you can, and let me know what you think.  Opportunity is KNOCKING with this one, don’t be left behind!

Click here To Check out the FB Webinar System


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