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Guys, First of all let me tell you this.  I was surfing around the warrior forum a little while ago, and came across a post the took my breath away.  It was about a guy who had taken his blogs in January 2010, and gave them a new spin.  Some of these were even AutoBlogs.  This guy is now making $10,000 a month from his blog.  I’m always interested in talking to people, and seeing what they are up to… Here is what he told me.

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I owe all my traffic sales and success to Firestorm SEO

I could not get a review copy but I did find out this program was created by Sean Donahoe.  A guy that is very well known in the Warrior Forum.  I actually came very close to purchasing one of his other products in the past called “Twitter Commando”.  Something else came up and I never got around to it.  I did however purchase Firestorm SEO.  Let me tell you…. WHAT A RIDE!  I’ve taken every SEO course known to man.  I’ve even paid Ryan Deiss $1997 to take his Perpetual Traffic Formula.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Ryan’s products, but Firestorm SEO blows Ryan out of the water. I will sum it up for you real quick.  Perpetual Traffic Formula’s goal and objectives was solely based around link building.  There really was nothing that was new to me.  The power came with RSS Mashing.  That was about it.

Firestorm SEO is Unlike anything you will find!

I really expected to have the same kind of results with Firestorm SEO, I could not of been more wrong.  Yeah, he covers external link building, nothing real new there.  He tells you about Paul and Angela’s Backlinks,  link juice with EDU and Gov sites.  Same stuff we have heard over and over.  However… Guys,  there are so many things in this course that I have never heard of, or even thought of.  For starters he takes about 20 wordpress plugins, that are not the everyday plugins we hear about.  He walks you through each and every plugin, and tells you exactly how to set them up.  He then provides you some tactics to ensure your blog is not indexing duplicate content.  This alone was worth the money. After he takes care of the Internal Linking set up, he then goes into the external linking.  I’m sure your aware of what a link wheel is?  Well, this guy’s philosophy is, link wheels are dead… not only are they dead they are dangerous.  He shows you how link wheel’s are leaving a foot print for Google.  Wait till you see his alternative.  I’m sure you have hear of a link magnet?  Well, you have never seen a link magnet like he’s about to teach you.  Guy’s, there is so much in here, I have actually watched these video’s for about the third time and will continue to do until I have perfected these methods. One last note, there is a ninja tactic that will take you about 5 minutes to set up, and I think this one method alone will shut your servers down because of an influx in traffic.  Seriously.  That one tactic alone is worth the price you pay for Firestorm SEO.  I’m so sure that you will love this program, I expect you to please come back and thank me for this review.  Oh and guys, skip Deiss $1997.00 Perpetual Launch Formual and pick up Firestorm SEO!  Check out Firestorm SEO

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