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Hey there, so I just wanted to give you this quick little update.  My infamous “IM Video Creation” course is coming down from the Warrior Forum.  This course went on to receive “Product of the Day”, and also received numerous positive comments from the community.  It is still listed at the special WSO price, but when it’s soon going to be hosted on it’s own sales page outside of the Warrior Forum.

If you guys are considering getting into video creation at all for your membership sites, blogs, sales video, whatever it is you are trying to do, then this is the course for you.  I actually did all the training in this course myself.  I cover everything you need to know and then some.

However, I also make it very easy for you to finish the training and take action!

Included in this course:

* I show you my method to creating a logo that you can use in your video or product creation in about 3 minutes or less

* Discover how to create the beautiful backgrounds that you see in all of my training videos, as well as the splash intro’s and the exit pages, this one strategy right here usually changes the viewers mindset all together, and very rarely do people refund my products.

You’re also going to learn how I do those fancy intro’s with all the special affects, and music.  People pay me compliments on this all the time.  You can very easily do the same thing.  It really is a lot easier than you think!

Don’t Take My Word For It… Look At The Comments That Were Left About This Product:

Chad has done it again with IM Video Creation. With this course you can immediately take action to make money and for a lot of different purposes. You can use this information in the course for promoting affiliate offers or your own products, video sales letters, squeeze page videos, video courses, Skype interviews, and providing content in your videos. A professional video that is high quality will help you a lot when creating videos. Videos are good for any website you own because it makes your visitors stay on your site longer and more engaged along with appealing to more people rather than just having text.

Chad does a great job with this product in showing you how to create professional videos, how to properly record your videos for good audio and graphic quality, and showing you how to properly edit your videos to add additional enhancements to them. In the 3+ hours of video content he does not leave anything out and gives you all the resources you need to get started. Chad does suggest some things that cost money although like anything in business it requires an investment. The nice thing is Chad shows you how to get started for free with trials of the software and once you get started making money; you can then invest in what you need. – Caleb Lane

I have had the privilege of having Chad’s input whilst I was creating videos for my membership site. Chad tore everything I did apart and told me what I was doing wrong and how I could get the most from my video creation.
I followed Chad’s advice to the letter and in the past 2 months I have picked up 160 new members to my site, so as you can imagine Chad certainly knows what works.  I think if you want to use video to your advantage, (especially after the Penguin update) then you should really get this content, it could do some amazing things for your business.
Cheers, Rob Maggs

This IM Video Creation course is Chad Nicely’s creation…and the answer to video making…the easier way… I was given a review copy of this product…and ran with it…  No exaggeration on the sales-page copy…this package is impressive…and lives up to it’s claims… Here’ the system that will have you capitalizing on the video marketing business…from an expert that’s been in the trenches with this stuff for many years… (you’ll have his yrs of experience at your disposal!!…awesome) Promoting your affiliate offers, video sales letters, your own products…just about anything with video you can dream of…

Learning how to create professional videos never got easier!!! And getting the audio and graphics down use to be a hassle…not anymore! Editing is easy also…when you know how…and this is where Chad has outdone himself! Now the tools he uses does cost…yet you can invest lessor in other vehicles… And with a little experimenting, and initiative searching the big G yourself, you’ll save a bundle! Not to mention free trials on every piece of software he recommends… And get the quality you want…with Chad’s 12 yrs of experience behind you… If you want a course that’ll turn you into a near expert…here you go. Look at the salespage bonuses…everything in one place!!!  What he share’s in this WSO product is priceless…you’ll be given insights, skills and resources that would cost you hundreds of $$$ if not thousands!!!  And for the price of this “IM Video Creation” WSO, you’ll not going to find a better deal for the content… When creating an IM Video empire, this is the complete package of instructions… – Nile Vincent


Need I say more?

Grab it while it’s still available:

PS: It will be at $67 here in a few days

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