Google Panda what you gonna do?

Hi guys, So before we get into this whole Google Panda monster, let me say thanks!  I had a couple days off, and I really enjoyed it.  I had some

Pictured: Google Panda What You Gonna Do?

Google Panda What You Gonna Do?

people that had been begging me to post their guest articles.  Great job guys, I really enjoyed reading your content.

I should also let you know, as if I didn’t have enough going on already I decide to take a position with Sean Donahoe.  You guys know who he is, and you know about the quality of his products.

Well he approached me to be his Affiliate Manager, and help out with some of his product launches.  I’m really looking forward to working with Sean, and hope we can make some amazing stuff happen!

So, lot going on these days.  Now, onto the Google Panda.  What can I say guys… I don’t know.  Overall Google’s goal is to give the end user a “better experience. ”  This is a good thing right?  Sure it is.

But what a headache for us Internet Marketers.  I’ve got friends that were making over $10k a month just from Adsense alone, and after the last Google Panda it’s taken them down to dollars on a good day.

What all is the Google Panda Update about?

From what I understand, and I haven’t got that in depth with it,  Google’s new update is focused around three things.  Let me correct myself.  This is actually not a new update, it has been a continuous series of the same algorithm.

The latest Google Panda algorithm changes effect:

  • How duplicate content is ranked
  • The Quality of backlinks
  • The Quality of sites

Basically the same thing we saw months ago.  So what does this mean?  Well it means everybody that is out there cheating is about to get smacked.  Unless your really good at the game you play.  However I have an old saying that going something like this:

“If you play the game your going to get caught.”

Well I think the same is true.  Maybe not today or tomorrow.  However, the day is coming.  Google is aware of all the techniques out there.  I mean come on guys if I’m aware of most of them, I’m sure Google has a team analyzing all these tools, and finding solutions to beating them.

Now I won’t lie.  I play too.  I’ve got over 100 sites, that I’m constancy back linking, nuking, mass commenting, whatever the trick of the trade is at the time.  I like to play.  I’ve even fooled around with autoblogs.  I’ve made some money, but haven’t done as well as a lot of people.

Is that a fair statement to make?  Yup I’m guilty, I play a game of  “Russian Roulette”  with Google  just like all the other SEO’s and Internet Marketers do, and that’s ok.  I have fun doing it.  If a site gets sandboxed, so what I’ve got a good documented case study of what no to do.

Now… why am I so calm in talking about this?  Why is it NO BIG DEAL?  I hear people all the time talking about their lifestyles coming to an end because of the Google Panda updates.  I hear the Inner Circle in a flurry over it.  Well sure, you definitely have something to worry about!

Be Compliant with Google Panda….

Let me explain that.  It’s ok to play around with the different tools and services out there.  As I said above, I do it.  I’m a product creator though, so I love to see the next newest thing and how it’s promoted.  Just have yourself a “safe harbor plan.”  No I’m not referring to a 401k retirement.  I’m talking about a backup plan.  So when Google does clean your clock, you can still maneuver.

Now your backup plan could be, a large list of subscribers, it could be creating your own products, or it could simply be a site like the one your reading.  This site does extremely well.  It ranks well.  Why?  because it follows Google’s advice exactly!

This site has never…

  • been exposed to auto content or “autoblogs”
  • been nuked by tools like “Xrummer” or “SEnuke”
  • had spun content submitted to it
  • had paid article writers submitting content (bad English sometimes)
  • had any link building services creating mass links

Basically nothing has ever touched this site except me and my guest others period!

This site has never been affected by any of the Google Panda updates.

Knock on wood, maybe it will happen but I’ve been safe this far.  So before everybody emails me and asks me what I’m doing, I’ll just conclude with a few suggestions on keeping you safe and building your rankings, and throwing your Alexa through the roof.

1. Write original Content – This is probably by far the most important element of maintaining your authority.  Now, I usually write longer posts, as Google seems to rank them very well.  I usually get around to about 800-1000 words for each post.

I also keep my posts very optimized.  I use a simple little plugin called “SEO Pressor.”  I can’t recommend it enough.  Every one of my posts leave my hands in optimized format.  It costs a little bit of money but you can use it on unlimited blogs.

Click here to check out SEO Pressor

2.  Media Makes all the Difference – So many people miss out on this.  Make sure you include relevant pictures in your posts.  It is very important to Google’s eyes as well as your readers interpretation of what your trying to present.  Here is something that I have done extremely well with, that is including a video in the page.  It might just be a two minute video of me sitting there drinking a cup of coffee from Starbucks.  It makes a massive difference!

3. Bookmarking your posts – Now I know a lot of people are going to send me a message saying this is bad for SEO.  That’s fine do what you want.  However for me, I can write a post and usually have it ranking in the first 3 pages of Google very quickly.  I do a lot of bookmarking.  I use three services that do this.  I take my time and I make them relevant bookmarks.  I use Ping.FM, Onlywire, as well as Social Monkee.  Now, that seems like a lot of work, however I get it all done with a cool little tool my good friend Sean Donahoe created called Backlink Booster.  I highly recommend it.

Click Here to check out Backlink Booster

4.  Hide Your Affililte Links! – Guys, Google hates us.  Why?  Because they want to be the only ones making any money.  As if their Billions from Adsesne is not enough.  I’ve ran some split tests with sites that contain affiliate links vs sites with masked links (disguised).  I’ve actually had some of my sites banned from Google.  However, I have never had a problem that has it’s links hidden, including this one.  It’s simple to do just check out the solution below.  This plugin is actually being used on this site as we speak.

Click Here for Ninja Affilaite

5. Build Relationships.  – This one should go without saying.  If somebody comments on your blog, then respond back.  I’ve got about 5 blogs that I comment on each and every day.  It helps me build authority, backlinks, and relationships.  Do the same.  This is how you’re going to get ahead in life, and get that big break.  One thing that has helped me tremendously is being able to leave my link when I comment on other blogs.  I even try to add keyword to my name, if the blog administrator will let me.  It’s really simple to do.  I’ve got a cool little plugin that will help you with that too.

Click Here to Check out CommentLuv Premium

Ok guys, there you go.  You’re not going to beat Google Panda, but at least you’ll have yourself a backup plan when the storm hits.