How To Find a Productive Keyword List That Will Always Make Me Money?

web profit keywordsThere are loads of different methods to get traffic to your site     including both paid and “free” methods. I say free methods but they will still cost you your time.  Still any how in this post I will be taking you through what I have found can make web profits when using PPC advertising.

PPC  simply means that you pay for every click when a potential customer clicks on your advertisement.  Sorry about explaining the basics but many people do not know this stuff. Even if you have some experience there are a few nuggets of information that will prove useful, I’m sure……

We are going to be looking at Google Adwords. Yes I know some of you  are thinking, “Oh no” Geoff that’s a waste of time, as Google are so fussy about their “customer Experience”…

Well that’s true, but if we just give them what they want, it will be fine. And by the way Google Adwords are not the only PPC platform out there in any case.

The first thing you need to know is that you can advertise on the Google search or what’s called the display network. The search network is simply this, when you type a word into the Google search engine a number of ads appear for that keyword at the top and right of your screen.

The display network has ads that appear on web sites such as forums and other sites like and  and even newspaper sites like the or any other site. In fact many web site owners generate an income from these ads through the Google Adsense program. But that’s a discussion for another day.

For this post we are going to concentrate on the search network. So the  first thing we need to do is pick our market for example and get keywords that people type into the search engine to find what they are looking for.

 There are many free keyword tools out there including Google’ own External Keyword Tool, Traffic Travis and other products that have free trials like Keyword Compete. 

So our target market is going to be free make up samples. Why did I choose  that …”it’s bit girly” you say. Well yeah but the women’s market is one of the most productive on the web for web profits,  oooops!…. let out a secret there.
 Another reason is that I made money out of that market, so here we go.

Now let’s look at the top mistakes people make when trying to get a good  keyword list. A list that is productive will always make you money. But how do we find a good keyword list?

dive deep

Keep It Wide and Dive Deep…“What the Hell” you say!

When you first launch your campaign, having a broad (wide) keyword  list is MUCH more important than having a deep keyword list. What in the world do I mean by “broad” (wide) and “deep?” 

 A broad keyword list is one that has lots of related and lateral keywords (i.e. synonymous and different ways of saying the keywords) not  just variations of one root keyword.

 Here’s a sample list of BROAD keywords:

beauty samples
canada samples
canada samples and coupons
canadian giveaways
canadian freebies
canadian women samples
cosmetic freebies
cosmetics make up
coupon deals for
coupons for savings
cover girl samples
eyeliner samples original sites

You can see that all these keywords (coupons, freebies, sample, etc.)  are all different types of free samples.
A sample DEEP keyword list is something else altogether, here’s an example of a DEEP keyword list: 

free beauty products
free beauty samples canada
free beauty samples in canada
free beauty stuff
free cosmetic samples
free cosmetic samples canada
free cosmetics
free creatine samples canada
free mailed samples
free make up
free make up sample sign up
free make up samples canada
free makeup canada
free makeup samples
free makeup samples for teens
free makeup samples in canada
free mascara samples 2010
free mascara
free sample canada
free sample cosmetics
free samples by mail
free samples canada
free samples canada only
free samples in canada
free samples make up canada

The above terms are related to free samples. And all the keywords above  have the root word “free” in them. This is a deep keyword list. So what’s the fatal error that many affiliates are making, even if  they have an excellent keyword list with both broad and deep keywords? 

web profits on the upMost affiliates start bidding a deep keyword list FIRST, before bidding on a broad (wide) keyword list. Answer: too narrow a focus on the most competitive keywords. Most affiliates go and find every variation and combination of their main keyword.

They set up their Google ad campaign and launch. And then they’re  surprised when they hardly get any traffic while bidding 20 cents a click.  And their sales disappoint because every other affiliate is also bidding  on “free”

Frustrated and losing money, most people pause their campaign after a few weeks and move on to something else without and don’t attempt bidding on words like coupons, freebies, sample, etc., or any of the other broad  (wide) keywords.

They think that if “free” keywords don’t convert for them, it’s no good!  Besides, they’ve already lost $300 on that campaign. So they don’t want to mess with it anymore.

So Here’s EXACTLY How You Could Make Web Profits when launching your PPC Campaign:
Build a broad (wide) keyword list. Identify all related and lateral keywords in that market. Then find synonymous and specific keywords that do relate to your keyword.

Once you start this wide set of keywords, your campaign will get traffic from most major sub-niches in your market. let the campaign run and identify the sub-niches where you’re getting the majority of traffic and sales. Dig in to those top sub-niches and go deeper..

Kindest regards
~Geoff Matthews~