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Can The Iraqi Dinar Make Your Millions?…

pictured: sadamm dinarI’m going to take a break from the usual SEO and Marketing tactics and instead focus on something that has been gathers a lot of buzz lately.  This is the currency in Iraq called the Iraqi Dinar.  Now at the time of this writing the Dinar is at 1168 (IQD) to $1.00 (USD).  That means it takes 1168 Dinars to equal an US dollar.  This means you are able to pick up about a million dinars for a little around $1,000, give or take depending on what fees the dealer has.  I’ll show you exactly where to purchase the Dinar so that you don’t get ripped of a little bit lower.

Now, the overall idea is that Iraq is going to revalue the Dinar in the very near future.  You remember that guy named Saddam Hussein.  Well back in that era, before the Iraq war the Dinar had a value of about $3.25 (USD). Now keep in mind, this guy was a ruthless dictator, and just decided that is what the value was going to be.  After the Iraq war, the Saddam’s currency was destroyed, and they printed a new currency.  The problem was that currency did not have a value, as stated above.

The Dinar is Based on OIL…

pictured: oil dinarOk, so that is not entirely the whole story… there are a lot of factors that come into play.  However, it is a big part of it!  Up until recently oil has been based on the US dollar in Iraq.  We know the story of the US dollar and what it is worth.  So to prevent the price of oil being based on China’s currency the US fought the war in Iraq. Remember, the war was not going to cost anything, and we had to get China off our back.

After we went in and removed their dictator, we made a promise to rebuild Iraq. The goal was to allow them to have their own government and their own currency once again.   This was the official ending of the war.  The majority of the troops were removed from Iraq, however a piece keeping presence remained.  This was the first step to rebuilding their government and the Iraqi currency.

Investing In Dinar, Is It Legal?

New Iraqi Dinar (NID) Presidential Order 13303 allows US Citizens to invest in the New Iraq

New Iraqi Dinar (NID)

Presidential Order 13303 allows US Citizens to invest in the New Iraq. Under this Order and the Coalition Provisional Government Order 39, a US citizen has the same rights to investments as an Iraqi citizen

IRAQ (PRWEB) March 2, 2004 — Investment in the new Iraq is guaranteed under the Presidential Order 13303 removing sanctions on investment in Iraq. The new order allows for a restructuring of the banking system in Iraq. US citizens are allowed to invest in Currency, Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate and Business in Iraq.

Iraq has a new currency to replace Iraq’s two currencies, one of which was easily counterfeited and mostly circulated in a single denomination. Banks issue only the new currency and government employees paid in cash will receive their salaries in the new currency. Until January 15, 2004 the old and new currencies will circulate freely at a fixed exchange rate. Exchange between the old and new currencies is conducted at no charge at multiple exchange points around the country.

The other financial market structures are strong:

95 percent of all pre-war bank customers have service and first-time customers are opening accounts daily. Iraqi banks are making loans to finance businesses. The central bank is fully independent. Iraq has one of the world’s most growth-oriented investment and banking laws.

The new Iraqi dinar which is printed bu De La Rue company in the US and Great Britian, is valued at just 2 tenths of one cent today. The US treasury has a strong dinar policy and is working with the CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority) to reinstate a strong decentralized banking system in Iraq. By December 2004 there will be six Western Banks in Iraq and six Iraqi Banks outside Iraq in operation. In March Three banks were given licence to operate in Iraq, National Bank of Kuwait, HSBC Bank and Charter bank of England.

US Investors are Counting on the Dinar Being Valued Over $4.00 USD!

Pictured: Dinar CurrencyOk, I know this sounds crazy.  It’s just not logical right?  I’m actually being very conservative to the numbers out there I’ve actually heard.  Remember when I told you above that you could buy a million Dinars for $1000, according to these numbers your going to walk away with a whopping $4,000,000 USD.  Now guys, tell me that makes sense?  To me it never has.  So I’ve been asking around and doing reasearch myself and here is how it was explained to me.


Iraq has set their budget (business plan) for rebuilding their country at $90 billion dollars.  This is US dollars.  They are selling about $26.1 Billion in oil each year.  If you take that $90 Billion and divide it by $26.1 Billion you get $3.45, so it would make sense for them to value the Dinar at that rate to meet that $90 Billion budget.

Now we haven’t even started talking about overhead costs, so you could probably add that to their budget also.  After all it costs a lot to rebuild a country.  That is when you will start hearing people talk about the Dinar having a value of about $4.41 (USD).

Guys, do the math.  I’m not counting on this thing coming in at $4, $3, even a $1.  I would be thrilled if it came in at $0.10 each.  Tell me another opportunity where you can make that much return on your money?  Remember we’ve only invested about $1,000 (USD)  and we walk away with $10,000 (USD)?

What’s Worst Case Scenario?

Now everything I am reading, this is all dependent on the rebuilding and restructuring of that country.  This is a third world country, as history has shown us anything can happen.  Their leaders could be assassinated, they could be hit with a massive earth quake, our President could step in and change things, or they could decide to destroy the currency all together.

Ok so all I did was summarize it for you.  There is so much going on with the Iraqi Dinar.  There are thousands of sites dedicated to keeping you posted when the RV (Revalue) is to happen.  I’ll list some good resources down below, and I’ll even tell you where I have purchased my Dinar.  Before everybody bombards me with email, I have purchased a large quantity of Dinars myself, and feel very good about this thing happening.  I think there are a lot of positive signs that this could happen very soon, but you have to weed through a lot of the hype and garbage out there.

Where can I Find Out More on the Dinar?

Most everything you’re going to find right now on the Dinar is coming from blogs and forums.  Which means it is people’s opinions.  There is very little concrete evidence out there on any official site.  I have spent hours searching for it.  Remember, this is not that big of a deal.  There are about 2 million investors in the United States that have some kind of interest in Dinar and that is it.  It’s only a big deal to people that understand what they are dealing with, and are trying to make a return on their money.

People’s Talk Radio is my Trusted Source

Picture: People Talk RadioMy favorite site is People’s Talk Radio.  This is by far the most trusted site for intel regarding the Dinar Rumor and the Dinar Trade.  I’ll tell you right up front why I find it more trusted than all the other sources, they are not selling the Dinar!  Most of the sites and blogs you will come across are somehow affiliated with the selling of Iraqi Currency.

This site, covers a variety of issues.  They have discussions and reviews about Forex, Penny Stocks, Foreclosures, Gold, Silver, Foreign Currency, and so much more.  I listen to their phone calls that they have available, and frequent their forum quite a bit.  A little hype, but you can see through it.  Be sure to sign up at their website so that you can participate in the live chat forums, membership is free.

Click Here to Visit Peoples Talk Radio


My Second Choice is Peoples Dinar

Pictured: Peoples DinarPeoples Dinar is full of valuable information relating to Dinar Investing and Dinar Trades. The fine folks at the People’s Dinar have set up a section where you can listen to pre-recorded conference calls with some of the most knowledgeable people on the subject.

People’s Dinar has a massive resource area where you can read about past articles posted regarding the Dinar Rate and the reconstruction of Iraq. Peoples Dinar also has a forum where some heavy hitters keep your posted minute by minute with the events taking place in the Dinar Investing world.

Click Here to Visit Peoples Dinar


The Best Tool are at Dinar Daddys

Pictured: Dinar DaddysWhen you sign up at Dinar Daddys you can listen to radio broadcasts. Dinar Daddy has a broadcast every Wednesday night at 8pm. You can also view all of Dinar Daddy’s previous recordings right there on their website.

Be sure to sign up for Dinar Daddys nifty little widget. With this little gadget, you will be the first one to know when the Dinar actually does RV. This little widget simply installs on your desktop, and keeps you posted what is happening in the Dinar World. I love this tool!

Last, I don’t know if your ready for this one… Sign up for Dinar Daddys SMS text messaging. So now you can still go to dinner, without worrying about whats happening with the Dinar Rumor, or Dinar Trades, or whatever else your worried about. Dinar Daddys SMS service is also Free of charge.

Sign up for these Services at Dinar Daddys


Dinar Banker – Trusted Source to Buy Iraqi Dinars

Pictured: Dinar BankerOk so now that your all schooled up, the last thing you need to know is where is a safe place to buy the Dinar Currency.  Well before you go to Craigslist, or Ebay.  Beware a lot of people are passing of the old currency as the new.  People smell money, and they smell a sucker.  You have to buy from a trusted source.

The first thing I checked before I started investing in the Dinar Currency was the Better Business Bureau.  What I learned is that Dinar Banker is actually the Sterling Currency Group.  When I researched the BBB here is what I found:

A BBB Accredited Business since 04/13/2007

BBB has determined that Sterling Currency Group meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Businesses pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and for support of BBB services to the public.

The Sterling Currency Group ( has been registered as a Money Service Business with the U.S. Treasury for 6 years.

Even more important than being registered with the U.S. Treasury Department, Sterling Currency Group ( has successfully undergone two extensive US Treasury Department Money Service Business / Bank Secrecy Act compliance audits in the past 6 years–guaranteeing your dinar purchases will always be valid and exchangeable.

Sterling Currency Group (the company that runs is a U.S. registered business in the State of Georgia. We have a long-standing history and stellar reputation for honesty and customer service.

We supply a certificate of authenticity with every order that guarantees in writing that every dinar is authentic, legally obtained, legally transported, legally declared, and from non-criminal origin.

• We not only sell Dinar, we purchase them as well, ensuring that your investment will always be “liquid” and exchangeable.

Need I say More?  Dinar Banker is a TRUSTED SOURCE!

Now, if your short on cash… Here is what you can do with Dinar Banker.  You really have to know what you’re doing before you do this.  Check out the Dinar Intel, sign up for the widgets, SMS, and become very familiar with what is taking place with the Iraqi Currency.

In my personal opinion we are close, closer than we have every been for the Dinar to RV.  Once your comfortable you are able to buy the Dinar at a reserve price from Dinar Banker.  You just need to make sure you are buying over 2 million Dinars, and then come up with a 10% down payment.  You then have a 30 day window to pay the remaining balance.  I can assure you if the Dinar RV’s you will have that payment ready.

Now Dinar Banker discourages this, because they don’t want people getting upset if the Dinar does not revalue.  They are protecting their business and I understand this completely.  However if you know it’s close, it might be worth taking a gamble.  I know that I have.  So to buy 5 Million Dinars, it would cost you $6,000 (USD).  They allow you to submit a down-payment of $600 (USD) to lock in that rate.  However this is not a contract to buy, if you don’t pay the balance in 30 days, then you forfeit your down payment.  Sounds fair enough right?  Don’t take my word for it though, I’m just throwing ideas at you, check out their site for all the details and read the small print.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I’ve got a little coupon code that you can use at Dinar Banker.  I think it saves you like $10 of every million or something.  Just use: PTR

Click Here to Visit Dinar Banker


Ok guys, there you go.  I hope I have guided you in a good direction today.  Though there are no certainties but I feel pretty good about the Dinar RV happening.  Let me know what you think about the Dinar, post a comment below.


19 thoughts on “Iraqi Dinar… Come On Baby RV!!!

  1. Reply owen cook May 28,2011 12:20 pm

    By far the most reliable intel and information can be found on Your hypothesis on the value was first put out by Randy as soon as the budget was promiulgated.

  2. Reply dlysen Jun 11,2011 3:59 am

    This awareness is good for investors. If I have much money I will surely think of it. Its not easy to risk money when the issue about security not avoidable. Its hard to check if you are dealing with the right person. Thanks Chad.

  3. Reply TChristopher Jun 28,2011 5:13 pm

    Thanks for the overview C! Very informative and helpful. Hope all is well

  4. Reply John Moore Aug 1,2011 3:26 pm

    Does anyone agree with me on the following. I feel that it is highly likely that the Iraqi government will again issue new currency if they RV and old will have to be exchanged for new, the old being voided. If three zeros are removed, it will save the Iraqi treasury billions due to the amount of old currency being held by speculators ie a 25,000 Dinar note would be exchanged for a 25 Dinar note. If they simply move the decimal point three places (highly unlikely) without voiding todays currency, they will lose billions when speculators cash in. Do the math’s. Am I stupid or is this logical.

    • Reply Chad Nicely Aug 4,2011 9:52 pm

      Hey John,

      What a roller coaster this has been? There is a lot of logic to what you are saying. However, the simple fact that they opened it up to outside investors after destroying the last currency is what would make this a bum deal. Especially for people like Gates and Trump who have millions invested. We shall see one day, I hope?
      Cheers, Chad

    • Reply JUAN GRANDE Aug 24,2011 7:19 pm

      I remember in 1995’ish the same thing happened in Mexico. 3000 pesos/ dollar simply became 3 pesos/dollar. It then promptly went to 6 pesos/dollar but the currency notes of 10000 pesos were exchanged for note of 10 pesos. The old notes were invalid except to exchange for new ones.

  5. Reply Faith Sloan Sep 7,2011 5:29 am

    Come on baby! RV already! I’ve been waiting for 6 years.

    Well … not actually ‘waiting’… but come on already.

    Just do the do!

    And for those of you who continue to say that dinars are a scam.
    Nothing more… nothing less…
    No scam

    Faith Sloan
    Owner, – the REAL DEAL

  6. Reply buzzirk bryan Sep 7,2011 6:44 pm

    Thought it was a long shot at best,but those odds had to take a shot.My opinion if they are going to r.v. it should be before the last quarter of this year. great post and success2all

  7. Reply Mel Helton Oct 29,2011 3:36 pm

    How do I know that my Dinar is authentic? I purchased from Dinar Trade and they provided a cert of authenticity with serial and model #?? Also the cert stated that the notes had been checked on a DeLaRue counting and authentication machine. Does this sound right?

    • Reply B Lee Jun 7,2013 4:19 pm

      Hi Mel, Just wondering if anyone answered your question.
      I am wondering if Dinar Trade is a reputable site to purchase some dinar?
      I appreciate your writing back! :-)
      Have a great day/weekend!

  8. Reply Joel Harper Nov 25,2011 4:25 am

    I was deployed to Iraq from March 2004 until April 2005, while overseas, I went to an exchange on the streets of Baghdad and purchased the new dinar. Over a period of time i purchased approx. 3.1 million of the dinar. I think I spent around 2500.00 US Dollars for them. Several of the people that were deployed with me did the same thing. It was around 1560 to 1 US Dollar at the time i exchanged them. What i am wondering is what are they worth now. I have held on to them for this long, do I need to start thinking about exchanging them or holding on to them longer. Not in need of money or anything right now. Just want to know.

  9. Reply jon jacobs Nov 27,2011 3:08 pm

    what is the purpose of these sites, when it happpens we will find out the next day. why do we need people telling us that there are back screens, this is our week. it will show on forex tommorrow,it happened in country last week, they are cashing in in kuwait, so for these pumpers enough is enough

  10. Reply Victoria Dec 10,2011 10:02 pm

    Ok… I have 3600 new Iraqi dinars, that my father gave me on Christmas one year… All I have thought about was just getting rid of them. I honestly don’t want them.

  11. Reply salman_fx Dec 20,2011 9:50 am

    when the RV is happening. i will be a richest man at my villages.. haha

  12. Reply satrap Feb 5,2012 10:11 pm

    Hi Chad,

    It certainly sounds interesting. However, coming from a country next to IRAQ, IRAN and having seen almost the same thing happening with our own currency (Iranian Rial or Tooman as its called) after the 1979 revolution (before the revolution the value of Rial was high because of the close relationship with the US and all the rest, after the revolution, it went down like crazy and now 10,000 Rial equals to $1 and this is 33 years after the revolution.

    Of course, now things are different and Iraq is a different country and the whole situation is almost reversed (going from no relation with US to being an ally of the US, which is the opposite of what happened in Iran). But, I would still be cautious and not put all of my eggs in one basket.

    Yeah, if you have extra money that if you lose, wont hurt you much, go for it, but I wouldn’t go sell everything I have to invest in Iraqi dinar.

    Either way, good topic. A welcome break from the usual SEO stuff. Thanks.

  13. Reply Robert Feb 8,2012 3:18 pm

    Sounds tempting, but I also think that investing in currencies can be quite risky. If I would invest in a currency, it probably would be the Chinese Renminbi. Otherwise, I think physical silver also looks very promising – the industrial demand is increasing every year, however it’s getting more and more difficult to mine silver. And apparently, at the moment there isn’t a single silver mine in the world that’s generating a profit.

  14. Reply Brenda Jun 30,2013 11:59 pm

    So lets say i have 6m dinar if it revalues at 3.50 how much in us dollars would that be? thanks.

  15. Reply Shobhit Jul 8,2013 10:06 am

    I agree with @Robert investing in currency these days is damn risky while, investing in precious metals isn’t a big profit anymore. Here in India there’s a popular trend of investing in property, it’s no-risk business and the ROI is really high!

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