Pictured: Joseph Kony - Inhumane Treatment of Children

Joseph Kony – Eyes Wide Open…


If you have 27 minutes to step away from your life and watch this video, I think it will leave you speechless…You know I have a lot of fun in the world of marketing.  I know I help out many people.  However, after watching this video, I don’t feel as though I make a difference.  The guy shooting this video is making a difference.

His organization’s voice is so loud he managed to get the attention of the President of the United States.  Look I usually don’t put things like this on my blog, because I know what you are here for.  You’re looking for the next “make money online technique”, how to succeed with video marketing, seo strategies, and so much more.  Yeah I get that!  I also understand that 27 minutes is a LONG time to watch a video.  I received a copy of this video from my good friend Scott!

At the time my wife and I were just getting ready to watch Hugh Jackman’s “Real Steel” movie that was just released.  Well I got so hung up in this 20 minute video that I missed the first couple minutes of that movie.  Much to my surprise it was a damn good movie!

Alright so the point, Have you heard of Joseph Kony?

Pictured: Joseph Kony - Russel's Son

Joseph Kony - Russel's Son

You know the name sounded familiar to me, but I never paid much attention to it until now.  I think I had come across his name on the Internet, or some time magazine cover or something.  Well this video has a mission, and that mission is to make Joseph Kony famous.  The guys behind the organization called “Invisible Children”, must know a thing or two about hook and marketing.  They definitely know how to grab your attention, and appeal to your emotions.

In this video they have made it clear that their goal is to make the WORLD aware of who Joseph Kony is so that our government will never stop the pursuit for this warlord.  So they are trying to reach out the biggest celebrities in the world, to get their voice heard, and then they are going to once again go bang on the doors of congress.

Why the mission to make Joseph Kony Famous?

Pictured: Joseph Kony - Inhumane Treatment of Children

Joseph Kony - Inhumane Treatment of Children

Joseph Kony is the Ugandan guerrilla group leader that has ordered the abduction of children to become child-sex slaves and child soldiers.  Something to the tune of 66,000 children!  Now if your saying to yourself, yeah but Chad we live in the United States, this is their problem, I get that.  However, these are just little children.  They had no say who their parents were, they had no control when or where they were born.  I look at my little girls, and if they were ever to be taken away from me and sold as sex slaves, forget it… Life would be over as I know it. Yes I am Christian, and have faith.  However, it would be that test that would fail me.

So Joseph Kony is definitely one bad dude!  He has been indicted for war crimes back in 2005 but has since evaded capture.  He needs to be captured.  Every day another children’s life depends on it.  Maybe even more frequent than that.  I might not be the Angelina Jolie they are seeking, but if I can make people aware, and you can make people aware and so on, then this organization will be successful in their goals and objectives.

Let me clear this up right now, every time I write a post, that means something to me, I get a ton of emails right behind it. It’s usually something very controversial like this post.  If people are going to accuse me of using this post as War propaganda, then please understand that is not the case.   My goal is to simply help this organization get the word out.  If they are trying to stop inhumane treatment of children, then it is something I stand behind 100%.  I don’t choose to discus politics, or anything of that nature.  So for those who are looking for a hidden agenda in this post, there isn’t one.

Jason Russel is the host in this video and the drive behind the organization “Invisible Children.”  I promise you this video will have an effect on you, if you just watch it for that 27 minutes.  You have 1440 minutes in a day, please just spare that 27 minutes to watch this video  about inhumane treatment of children by Joseph Kony.   What started out as a man who has a vision and a goal.  One person has grown into a very large organization.  They did something I never dreamed possible.  One man made it all the way to the White House,  the most powerful man in the entire world heard this man’s cry for help, and now something is being done.

Jason Russel, is what I call a hero, saving the lives of thousands of children. I ask that you help Jason in his efforts, watch that video, if it moves you and has an effect on you like it did me, then share this video, like it on Facebook, Tweet about it, pin it on Pinterest.  You see Jason and his organization understand the true power of Social Media.  I never thought the little guy could be heard, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Support Jason Russell and help bring Joseph Kony to justice.

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