The Power Behind The Link Magnet

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Everybody is Asking Me…. What In The World Is A Link Magnet


Hey guys, so you want to know about the “Infamous” Link Magnet. Well you have come to the right place. You see the link magnet was actually an ingenious creation by my good friend Sean Donahoe. You might know him as “The Manic Marketer.”

I’ll tell you what I can about the link magnet, but I will not divulge the top-secret information that puts it all together. I will however give you the resources that teach you how to set up your own link magnets and start dominating Google.

Don’t Confuse The Link Magnet with a Link Wheels!

The link wheel is broken purse and simple. Google sniffed out these patterns a long time ago. It left a footprint bigger than anybody could have imagined. The sad thing, most people are still using link wheels today instead of link magnets. Then I watch the same people post in the various forums questions like “How do I get my site out of the sandbox?” Well it’s too late!

However, you my friend are in a much different boat. Even if you don’t take me up on my recommendation today, whatever you do… KILL THE LINK WHEELS!


Here is an Example of A Link Wheel

Pictured: Link Wheel Out, Link Magnet In

Link Wheel Out, Link Magnet In



As you can see in the image above, all of those web 2.0 properties connect to each other, and then they each connect to the money site. This leaves a big old map for Google to follow. Listen to the videos that Matt Cutts releases. Guy’s there on to us. They have been for a long time. It’s very simple if Google finds this they know that you cheated, and there is no benefit for the end-user.



This is Where The Link Magnet Came To Play…

Ok, so as I said earlier, without divulging too much information I can tell you, you need to be using the link magnet in every SEO promotion you do. It is an awesome way to dominate the top positions of Google.

The entire objective behind the link magnet is to protect your money site, at the same time using web 2.0 properties to pass link juice to our money page. Now take a look at the link wheel above and see if you can modify that diagram to protect your money page. I know I couldn’t. I tried long before I ever came across Sean Donahoe, as I too knew it was leaving footprints.

Sean has create the link magnet so that your money page is protected. The juice flows like never before, it requires about the same kind of work you see up above. The best part you can create as many link magnets you like. Worst case scenario our link magnet gets slapped, but we don’t care cause the link juice still flows.

Guy’s you got to check this out. Sean has released the Link Magnet diagrams, instructions, and setup in two courses. My first is my favorite course of all time, its called Firestorm SEO. I thought I had a good understanding of SEO, until I took that course. All I can say is you best buckle your seat, and hold on for dear life cause it gets intense. I learned more about on page seo, plugins, tactics, and techniques in that one course then I did in all my years of Internet Marketing.


Sean also released a product that is solely focused around the link magnet, it is called “Link Magnet.” It is an awesome detailed focus on how to set up the link magnet, and execute them properly. I will include links to both of these products below.


The Link Magnet Can Be Ran On AutoPilot


Guy’s I could talk about the link magnet all day long. It is the only method out there that Google can’t sniff out. It’s just not going to happen. When you receive access to the diagrams you will see for yourself.

Now I’m going to let you guys in on a little “top-secret” information. What if you could set up your link magnets automatically on autopilot? Sounds too good to be true? Well you can. I’ve got two SEO’s that run SEnuke for me full-time on two virtual servers. You see when I joined Sean Donahoe’s “Inner Circle” I gained access to the template you need to run SEnuke on autopilot for setting up link magnets.

It is just awesome. With the right setup you can literally watch your traffic jump over night, and your rankings soon to follow.



Here’s Where You Can Learn How To Build Your Own Link Magnets:


Pictured: Link Magnets in Firestorm SEOFirestorm SEO – This course is my most recommended course of all time.  You will learn so much about SEO, WordPress, Link Magnets, Feeder Sites, and so much more.  It really is an awesome course.

This is the course that was responsible for shutting down hostgator servers from influx of traffic.  You won’t be disappointed.

Click Here for Firestorm SEO



Pictured: Link MagnetsThe second course is simple called Link Magnets.  It is a special report that is sole focused on the link magnets.  If you decided Firestorm SEO was not for you then, perhaps this will satisfy you’re needs.

It has two options to buy you can buy the complete SEO package, which I highly suggest or your simply buy the link magnet reports.   Click Here for Firestorm SEO


Whatever you do I hope you found this post helpful, trust me when I say, if you have not discovered the link magnet, then you have not reached your full SEO capabilities.  Also, take the time to learn about Sean Donahoe’s Inner Circle, I receive tips, tactics, techniques dealing with SEO, Link Magnets, programs, internet marketing developments, anything going on in our industry Sean keeps us clued in.

Good Luck with the Link Magnet!

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