Make Money From Blogging, REALLY!

First of all before I tell you exactly how to make money from blogging.  I want to make sure you have taken the time to read my previous posts on blogging.  It is very important that you do so.  That post reveals to you the fatal mistakes I made in my blogging career, and how I rectified them.  It also explains to you why it is so important to build up trust and authority with your readers when trying to make money from blogging.

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If this sounds like you’re not going to make money from blogging!

Guys, I don’t mean to be repeat myself.  However it is a very vital point.  Just because there are affiliate products available to you, does not mean you should promote them.  Even if it is from the greatest, most popular internet marketer in the world.  One bad promotion and you could be done.  Think about how fast the internet works today.  I have made comments, that I have seen people debate on forums, blogs, chat rooms.  All it was, was a comment I made.

Now Imagine if I was out there pitching crap.  Which I’m not.  I stand behind every product that I promote.  I bet that you can head over to JVNotify Pro, and you will not see my promoting any of those products.  Why?  Does that mean they are all crap?  No, of course not.  However I have not had the time to review and try them out for myself.  I’m sure there are a lot of great products out there.

Take for example this Venom SEO.  I have been hearing awesome reviews on this product.  You make great money promoting it as an affiliate.  A very easy opportunity to make money from blogging.  However, until I have the chance to try it out myself.  You won’t see me pitch it to you!

I make money from blogging, with only a handful of products

A lot of people find this hard to believe.  However, I make more money from blogging selling only a handful of products.  I actually started shooting a video showing you how to make money from blogging selling products.  I’m not quite done with it yet, hopefully by the time you read this post you will see it.

You need to choose your products wisely.  Just like the Knight said in that last Indiana Jones movie “Choose Wisely.”  You choose wrong, and it could be the end of your career.  This is especially true if you have your name standing behind those products.   Everything that I promote Chad Nicely stands behind it.  That is a not a pen name, it’s not fictitious, this is not some niche site.  This is me coaching people all around the world, every single day.

Now I have added two products in the last month.  One was the new WPplugin, and the other was MaxBanner Ads  Banner Rotator.  That’s it.  Guys for a full-time internet marketer that is almost unheard of.  Let me show you what I mean.

Pictured: Make Money From Blogging - Launches

Make Money From Blogging - Launches

Now, do you see all those launches.  This was only a snippet.  I could have kept scrolling two or three times.  However, I’m not trying to take up my whole page with an images.  My point is this.  There are 3 or 4 product launches happening on a daily basis.   I could show you the same for ClickBank.  Then we could look and see what is happening in ShareSale, Commission Junction, E-Junkie, Plimus, the list goes on and on.

Looking at that list, I recognize just about every one of those guys.  Some of them are awesome people.  However as I stated earlier, I don’t have to promote products I have no experience with to make money from blogging.

Here is how Chad Nicely makes money from Blogging

Alright guys, I’m going to give you a list.  What I want you to do is find a product that you use, have used, or have had success with in the past.  Then watch how easy this is going to be.  Now I am going to use the “Make Money Niche” as the foundation.  However, the same process can be used in any niche you get into.  You just need to lay out your foundation

  • Webhosting – (Pick out a good webhost!)
  • Domain Names (Find a Good Domain Registar)
  • Keyword Tools (Choose a great keyword tool)
  • WordPress Themes (Find a good WordPress Theme)
  • Autoresponder – (Choose a Great Autoresponder)
  • Article Writing – (Choose a Great Article Writing Service)

Now if you need some help or your just not real familiar  with the above bullets, then be sure to visit Chad’s resources.  What you need to do is sign up as an affiliate for your chosen products.  Usually there is a link at the bottom of the page, or in the menu.  If you need help, contact the product creator.

Now stay with me here.  If my site is focused on “Making Money From Blogging” , “SEO”, “Traffic Generation”, “Getting Ranked On Google”, whatever it is.  How many times do you think the above topics come to play?

The answer is all the time.  Think about this guys.  If I am writing a post about installing wordpress.  I can pretty much hit on every one of those subjects.  If there is a new Google Algorithm change, which there is one coming.  Then I can very easily talk about keyword tools, domain names.  Are you getting this?

You Don’t Have To Sell Products to Make Money From Blogging!

All you need to do is present a situation, where the solution has been one your resources listed above.  Now here is what I do. I will take every one of my products listed above, and will create a review post for that product.  Highly optimized for that keyword or product name.

You don’t have to be pitchy.  Leave out the fluff and hype.  Cover the negatives and positives of the product or service.  Be honest and be real.  Have more than (3) links to the actual product sales page on your review post.  However, don’t sell the product.

Now that you have your review page, this will act as a pre-sales page.  Even though we didn’t really sell the product.  Your viewer will get a personal point of view from you, before they get to the actual sales page that is going to be all hype and fluff.  This make sense?  Are you seeing how you could make money from blogging?

Now, time for you to start the money-making process. All you need to do is create posts with original content.  Be real with your people.  Talk about a situation or problem and then present the solution.  Let me give you example.  I have a post where I talk about getting very high keyword rankings with my posts.  Now it is very easy for me to mention, by the way “SEOPressor” was a major factor in getting those rankings.  That’s it.  You might have an obvious link that says “Click Here to Visit SEOPressor” however you don’t have to try to sell a thing.  Your honest review and the product creators sales page will then take over.

Now, as you develop into an authority figure you will find that people will look up to you.  Answer your emails.  There will be tons of questions and comments about products you have reviewed.  Why?  because they trust you.  This is a Good Thing!

Make Money From Blogging with the same tools, OVER AND OVER

Here’s the cool part guys.  Take a close look at the product selections I listed for you.  They are very general and there will always be a need for them on the internet.  Now they might change.  I promise they will.  Today the keyword tool of choice is “Market Samurai.”  However tomorrow there may be something new.

That’s ok.  Whatever you are promoting learn it well!  If you do learn it well then you can easily make suggestions in any of the posts that you create.  If you look at my site.  You will see I pitch the crap out of Sean Donahoe products.  Why?  Because he is one of the few Internet Marketers that will take the time and talk to you personally.

I have also made a ton of money following his concepts and theories.  It is massive value for my readers.  I’m currently promoting SENuke.  Why?  Cause I had awesome results.  Now there is a new program called Venom SEO, that is supposed to smoke SENuke.  Well if I find that to be the case then I might promote that instead.

However, I have to know how and when to apply it so that I can demonstrate that to my readers.  If I fail to show them the benefit, then I will fail to make the sale.  Is this making sense?

Prime Example Of How To Make Money From Blogging

Funny thing here.  I actually just remembered there is a product I need to recommend to you.  So I will use that product as a demonstration of how to sell the product without selling it.  Ok here we go…

I’ve got a tool I just thought of that will come in very handy for you.  It will save you tons of time in creating your posts.  If you follow my tips above, then you are going to be pulling the same links into your posts over and over again.  This is where the Ninja Affiliate will come in.  I highly suggest you check that tool out!

Click Here For Ninja Affiliate

There guys, did you see that?  Did you see me try to sell that product at all?  Or did I simply provide a solution to a problem?  The problem being you’re going to have to be creating the same affiliate links over and over which is going to be very confusing and time-consuming.  So the solution was this killer program that let you pull the links in automatically.

I really hope you guys understand that.  Cause that was a perfect example!

To Conclude…

I’ve actually had people email thanking me for the review, buying the product through my link.  Then emailing me a day later, asking for an affiliate link to another product I have not even heard of.

Guys, that is how to make money from blogging, simply mentioning solutions.  Now I could do a whole another page on making money from banners, ppc, ppv, and so much more.  Just remember this.  The same is true for your banners.  I get offers from people offering $500 a month to place their banner on my site.  I definitely look into the possibility, but if their promoting crap, then it’s not worth it for me.

Remember only promote what you know works, and works well.  If you don’t then all the hard work you have put into your site is gone in no time at all!  Look at the banners on my site.  At this very minute there are about five Sean Donahoe banners, SENUke X, and BlueHost.

I’ll bet there are bloggers out there who can’t even tell you what is being promoted on the front page of their site.  Very sad thing.  I think John Chow said it best when he said something to the effect of, if you want to make money online, they you need to be an internet marketer.  Not just a blogger!  He could not have been more right!

Build up trust guys,  It’s an awesome way to make money from blogging.

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