RSS Mashing, One Awesome Backlinking Strategy…

Before we talk about RSS Mashing, let me tell you what, and Awesome Weekend!  I’m actually getting the last of Summer as we speak its, about 75 degrees here in Casper, Wyoming.  I’ve mowed both the front and back lawns, been to Starbucks twice for my Pumpkin Spice Latte, and even made it to the Dairy Queen, healthy Weekend I tell you.

Hopefully if I can find the time today, then I can set up my new Flicker page, and you all can get to know me and my family a lot better.  Be watching for that, but now let’s get focused!

Ok, so RSS Mashing.  If you’re not familiar with RSS, it means “Real Simple Syndication”, Here is a shot of my RSS page below.  I’m sure you guys have seen an RSS page before but if you haven’t it’s basically just a linked lists of all your posts, from you blog.  Real simple right?  Well with RSS Mashing, we got away from the simple aspects and get into things that are a little more complicated.  However, the benefits and rewards from RSS Mashing are tremendous!

The Best part, is once your set up once, it really does run on autopilot.  So let’s start from the beginning.  Let’s just do  a simple submission of your RSS Feed then will take a closer look at RSS Mashing.

Steps to Submit Your RSS Feed

1. Locate you RSS feed.  It should be at http:/ (Mine is at

2. Submit your RSS feed to the listed Ping Directories
–  – you can just follow the same thing I did in the screen shot below:

Pictured: RSS Submission with Pingoat

RSS Submission with Pingoat

– –  You can just follow the same thing I did in the screen shot below:

Pictured: RSS with Pingomatic

RSS with Pingomatic

– -You can just follow the same thing I did in the screen shot below:

Pictured: RSS Submission with Pingler

RSS Submission with Pingle

RSS Submissions Doesn’t Stop There!

Ok, so now what did we do?  We basically notified Google that all of these links are out there waiting to get indexed.  So the next time you do a post, the chances of it getting indexed have increased drastically if you submit your RSS links.  So, now that is just our blog links right.

What if we could take things a step further.  You guys know that I am a big user of Onlywire, as well as Ping.FM.  When I create a post it is then submitted to all of these web2.0 properties and blogs that are contained in Ping.FM and Onlywire.  Even though these links are created, it doesn’t mean that Google is going to discover and Index all of them.

Well what if we were able to identify all of these links, combine them all together to make one Giant Link!  Then we take this link and ping it just like we did above.  How does that sound?  This is where the RSS Mashing comes in.  Now I’ve been trying to get around to this post for a while now, however, my good friend Sean Donahoe just did a great video demo, showing you exactly how to do RSS Mashing.  Check out the video below, and then I’ll show you how easy I’ve made it to Mash your own links

Grab These Link Formats for your Own RSS Mashing:

Pretty cool video isn’t it.  I highly suggest you check out IMSCTV every single week.  There’s always something cool going on there.  Now, that you know exactly how to do RSS Mashing I’m going to provide you with my own set of links that I had to hunt down myself about a year ago.  I’ve tried to discover every site that is in Onlywire and Ping.Fm.  This will save you hours upon hours of research.  Trust me I know!   If you guys know of others please let me know.  In the mean time here you go!  All you need to do is swap out my username with your username.  Some links have ID#, just swap them out with your own.  Again, let me know if you know of some I don’t have on here, and I’ll be sure to add them to the list

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