SEnuke X – One Bad Boy…

Pictured: SEnuke X

SEnuke X The way I see it…

Let me start off by saying this.  I missed the whole SEnuke thing all together.  I could not even tell you what the old SEnuke interface looks like or what the program even did.  So I’m not going to lie to you and tell you I’ve used it this whole time, cause I haven’t.

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However, having said that, I have given SEnuke X a run for its money, and all I can tell you is you best be wearing a helmet when this bad boy starts running.

Who would have ever thought they could have created something so massive and so powerful.  I’ve got a lot of experience dealing with programmers all around the world.  We have made some really cool programs and software.  I’ve dealt a lot with extractors, and plugins that would do some awesome stuff.  However….

Nothing Compares to SEnuke X

I’m not just trying to pitch a product here.  Instead I want to tell you in lei-mans terms what this product is about.  First of all let me forewarn you, I’m sure I’ll lose some people here but it’ better that you know.  SEO firms run this software, sometimes this is the only thing they run.  SEnuke X is very powerful stuff, it takes a lot of resources to run it.

I highly recommend that you have a server or computer dedicated to just running this program and that’s it.  If you think you will be able to have this running in the background while your checking your email and surfing the web, well I hate to break it to you… It aint going to happen.

I have a virtual server that I login to using remote desktop and my outsourcers do the same thing.  I can not see it working any other way.  I’m starting to understand why people like Sean Donahoe have three or 4 computers running in the background with multiple monitors.

How Easy is it to run SEnuke X

You know, surprisingly it’s not that bad.  When I watched the promo videos on their site, I remember thinking “Oh crap, this stuff is intense.”  I was extremely intimated.  There really was no reason to be.  I’ll get into the basic steps of running SEnuke X in just a minute but first let me tell you what you overall results will be.

Pictured: Senuke Screen Shot

Senuke Screen Shot

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As you can see I just ran this campaign very recently.  This campaign took about five minutes to set up and in this case the only original content I had was my money page

Pictured: Senuke URL List

SENuke X URL List

Here you can see the results of my campaign.  Remember this was just an experiment.  I could have had much better results had I used original or spun content.  As you can see by looking at the screen shot above I managed to build up about 575 links using this system.

Now SENuke will not get all of these links indexed.  As a matter of fact it gets about 32% of them indexed.  So what I do next is take my URL list and run it through Backlink Indexer.  Between SEnuke and Backlink Indexer my links will be on their way to getting indexed.

Ok so now that you got the overall idea what you can achieve lets talk about what exactly you need to do to run SEnuke.

First of all you’ll be very relieved to hear that SEnuke X comes with several training videos.  There is a link on the page where you will be working.  To start out you can simply use the wizard.  When you do this it will ask you from some basic information:

Pictured: SEnuke X Setup

SEnuke X Wizard

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So that’s not too bad at all.  I don’t even think I need to explain what you need to enter into those fields, so let me show you some of the other fields:

Pictured: SEnuke Setup

SEnuke Setup

Ok, once again guys not that difficult is it?  Here’s whats really cool about this.  See where Step #2 is.  It generated that profile all on its own.  All I had to do was hit a button.  Now if you have a profile details I would recommend you use those, but for those of you that just like to autogenerate, there you go!

Another cool thing, after I selected my categories I was then able to tell it to “Auto Select” my categories.  Once again, take the time and choose them for the best results.  Not to tough, lets move on…


Ok, now you need to start doing some work, but just a little bit. You might notice at the top, it asks you for your Best Spinner Settings. As you can see I had to blur my settings, I like to help you guys as much as I can but I have to draw the line somewhere.

All that is really requires is that you enter you Author Bio and your About Me. The Bio is used for the article sites and for the press releases. The about me, is used to build you forum profile and web 2.0 profiles. It won’t take you that long, I think it took me two minutes tops, and that is with the Inner Circle pinging me on Skype.

Ok were getting close, lets see what’s next:


Pictured: SEnuke Project Linking

SEnuke Project Linking


Ok, so once you’ve got all your information setup, you are then taking to a work pallette much link you see in the screen shot above. You can change this pallette anyway you see fit. Maybe you want to add press releases, web 2.0 profiles, rss feeds, article directories, etc..

However you see fit it can be done. Now guys the plan I have above is for children, for the weak! It’s a great way to get started, but this tool can do so much. I would love to show you the plan I use, but I can’t do that. When you join the Inner Circle there is no doubt in my mind that Sean Donahoe will share that knowledge with you.

I can tell you that it is about 4 times the size of the plan I have above. Just take my word for it. Hopefully I’ve convinced you to take a sneak peek into the Inner Circle.


Pictured: SEnuke Last Step

SEnuke X Last Step

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Ok, so now all that’s left to do is to fill in your content for the plan you chose. So if you chose articles, then you will need to paste your articles. If you have a press release then you need to input your press release. You can even autogenerate content if you don’t have any. I highly discourage you from doing this.

When the content is autogenerated SEnuke basically pulls content from Ezine articles, you then have the ability to spin it in SEnuke if you have the Best Spinner. This is against Ezine Articles TOS. So I would not go that direction.

Instead take content you have written, PLR articles, articles for Instant Article Creator, or any other content you are able to claim as your own and spin the daylights out of it. You can then use that content as you content for SEnuke.

Or, better yet you can load original content into each one of those forms. The choice is yours. I believe the main reason we are running SEnuke is for backlinks, remember real people will be seeing our posts also. So the more effort you put into it the better.

Once your done with the setup, SEnuke will just run on its own without any issue. If for some reason it crashes it has a smart memory and will pick up where it left off. It is just an awesome tool. As you saw in my steps above, it really is not that complicated. I definitely simplified it, but you will find I have covered all of the vital steps.

I now use SEnuke for every one of my targeted pages. My outsourcers also use it every day. If you’re looking to get ahead of the competition it is definitely the tool for you.


The Downside of SENuke

Before I conclude there is a downside besides needing to have a virtual system.  Due to the nature of the tool SEnuke is building web 2.0 profiles, forum profiles, micro blogs, etc.

To save us the time, it will do all the set up for us on those sites.  Well you and I both know how captchas are being utilized.  I think I have to enter a captcha just to get my email on my own system.  Ok, all joking set aside you need to spend some money on captchas.  This is so the tool does not have to interrupt you or pause everytime it encounters a captcha.  There not that expensive and all in all it’s definitely worth the price.  You can get the captchas at  I think you can get 5,000 captchas for like $6.95

Ok guys, that post took a little bit of work, but trust me you can run this tool.  Compared to other SEO tools I was surprised to find out how friendly it really is.  The difference is its way more powerful than anything else out on the market.  Try SEnuke out for Free for 14 days, and let me know what you think.

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