This Aint Hollywood Boys!

This whole product launch thing is getting way out of hand! 

Pictiured:Fluff & Hyped Up Videos

Fluff & Hyped Up Videos That Don't Produce Results!

Heads up guys, I’m in the mood to complain.  I’m actually getting rather annoyed.  Have you guys seen this new trend that is taking place with the IM Product Launches?  I mean how could you miss them.  What gives?

If you want me to spend $97 on a product, it would really help to know what I am buying.  Instead I get some big made up story, with this high production Hollywood movie.  Why though?  What’s the point.  I don’t believe anything in these stories anymore… I am starting to see a pattern, it’s the same narrator in a lot of these movies.

Why do people even buy into this stuff?  I mean these guys are making millions off us over Bogus, over-hyped products.  So why all the hype?  What are they hiding, or are they keeping us distracted. Is it because we are simply buying a script or program that they paid some Indian a few hundred dollars to create?

Talk about eating my words!

So up until recently here is what I would tell people.  Ten years ago when the Internet Marketing was just starting out, it was all a scam.  It really was.  People were out to get that one sale from you, and then leave you hanging.  Believe me, I was there and I remember it well.  However, all the internet marketers discovered that if we just people right, give them a good quality product, and treat them like a valued customer they would come back again and again.

Was I not right?  Look at all the great products that came out.  Especially with the addition of the “Word Press” generation and all the plugins that hit the market.  There was some great stuff.  Those guys kept me buying again and again.  I absolutely loved where product launches were headed.  I have no problem giving my name and email if I’m getting something of quality in return.  Tell me you didn’t dig all the white board videos, home tours, home-made videos in their fancy cars.  Guys, I could relate to this.  Then we would head over to the webinar and pay an outrageous price right?

Let’s take a look at Ryan Deiss.  I actually do enjoy Ryan’s stuff.  He is simple, and easy to understand.  When he launched Product Launch Formula he came out with the secret codes for Google, then he gave us the “Cherry Picker” software, then there was one last bonus.  I was like the first one in line for that product.  This launch was all quality and very well put together.

When Sean Donahoe launched Extreme Niche Empires, that was nothing but quality.  He got us warmed up with his “Seven Myths of Internet Marketing”, then he gave us a recorded interview with one of his top students.  I could totally relate to what was being shown on my PC!

Remember Frank Kern, giving us a tour of his house, or Jeff Walker doing his simple power point presentation for Product Launch Formulas.  I totally dig all this.  This was successful people who we look up to, reaching out and communicating with us.

It seemed like Internet Marketing was finally becoming about good quality.  The scams were out the door.  Well seeing what’s taken place today were going backwards in time.  Going back to all the fluff and hype.


However, I can’t relate to all the Over hyped Hollywood BS!

I just don’t get it.  Why is it necessary?  Why not just show us the script or program your offering us.  The sad truth is.  These kind of productions are really raking in the millions.  If you didn’t have all this hype and high production, then they would be just like every other ClickBank product in the market place.

It’s unfortunate, but we’re to blame.  Why?  Because were out there supporting these big products, making them millions, and being disappointed in the process.  Now this is not the case for all the products, but I’ll bet its the majority of them.

It’s obvious to me that ClickBank has seen this trend and it doesn’t sound like they approve.  Look at the disclaimer and warning that is now on the front page of CB’s site:

We Will NOT Allow:

  • Videos that portray or reference a fictionalized individual or life story, where a vendor makes false claims as part of the product pitch.
  • Videos that portray or reference the vendor him or herself, where the vendor makes false claims about his earnings and experience as part of the product pitch.
  • Videos which will not allow viewers to exit or pause.
  • Expert endorsements without substantiation (for example, an endorsement from a doctor must have proof that the doctor has performed tests or evaluations performed and has mastered the subject matter being described in the pitch).

I’m very leery about anything I buy in the IM world.  Like I said above it would be nice to know what it was I am buying.  Hopefully all the bogus stories will start disappearing and they will find new ways to appeal to our emotions and desires.  However only time will tell.


Here’s what I want to see…. Listen up GURUS!

Take us from start to finish.  Show me a ClickBank account that has ZERO dollars.  Hasn’t made a dime.  Apply your method, let it work for the week or two weeks that you claim.  Some of them are supposed to produce results in 48 hours.  Whatever the case may be, show us in real-time the results.  That would appeal to my emotions.  Nobody is doing that!

All they’re doing is giving us a vision, and then lying their ass off.  I honestly don’t know how some of these guys sleep with themselves.  Is in not stealing?  I think it is.

Remember fellas there is a judgement day coming!


I’m sure you have an opinion on this.  I can’t be the only one that is watching this happen.  I’d love to hear your opinion.


Questions for YOU!

Do you buy into these stories and hype?
Do you actually buy the product?
Are you satisfied with what you have bought?

Let me know what you think!



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