I Increased My Twitter Followers by 2000 In 24 Hrs!

Here is a sure fire way to increase your Twitter Followers!

Hey guys, I’ll tell you what ever since I watched Sean Donahoe’s Twitter Commando, my eyes have been opened!  My total focus for the last two weeks has been building up my Twitter profile, and increasing my Twitter followers.

Guess what guys, I am doing just that.  Before I took that Twitter Marketing course is was at about 3100 Twitter Followers.  Today as you can see in the screen shot below I am currently at 5,559 followers.  That was about 2,00 followers added in two days.

Pictured: Twitter Followers Screen Shot

Twitter Followers Screen Shot















Now that might not mean much to you, but increasing my Twitter Followers by that many was a heck of an accomplishment.  Guys I knew nothing about Twitter, I completely missed the boat on this thing all these years.  Since increasing my Twitter followers, my traffic has greatly increased as well.

I really did not think that people would actually click these posts, but they do!  Here is a screen shot of my external traffic sources showing you the different media that is producing.

Pictured: Twitter Followers External Sources

Twitter Followers External Sources

















From All My Traffic 5% is now Coming From Increased Twitter Followers!

Yes, you can see the proof in the pudding.  This was a screen shot from yesterday’s traffic sources for this website.  Now 5% may not be a lot to you.  However I can tell you that out of that 5% I had $67.00 in sales.  Now that is pretty awesome considering I did not have to do anything.

I have it set up so that I can increase my Twitter Followers on auto pilot, using this really awesome program I found the other night.  I’m going to tell you about that program in a minute, but before I do I really want to stress with you guys, if your looking to really increase your followers and start banking on Twitter, then you need to take the time and check out Twitter Commando.

I actually did an entire post, on this course, but in case you haven’t read that post all I can tell you is, it is real, I’m a real testimonial and the results have been unbelievable.  This Twitter marketing course was created by my good friend Sean Donahoe, and it is spectacular.  Do yourself a favor and take a look at my Twitter Page below, while your there follow me would you?



I’m not going to focus this post on Twitter Commando as we already reviewed that.  However I am going to tell you that my twitter page is running on complete auto pilot.  All those links are backlinks back to this site, that ultimately lead to sales.  In addition to that the entire design you see also came from Twitter Commando.

Now Twitter Commando taught me how to manage and increase my followers.  It took a little bit of time, but it definitely worked.  I implemented everything in that course, and it all works perfectly.  In a few minutes I’m going to share a resource with you that teaches you how to implement the same strategies but we can do so on autopilot.  Set and forget.  I literally set up my system and walk away and get a cup of coffee, yes it is that awesome!

Before we look at that resources, do yourself a Big Favor and check out my first recommendation to for making money with Twitter and learn how to increase your followers.

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Now Here is my Secret Weapon to Increase You Twitter Followers!

I recently learned that there was a product you could get that would multiple Twitter accounts on autopilot and would drastically increase your Twitter Followers, with very little work on your part.  This was actually a WSO in the Warrior Forum and I found it.

Pictured: Twitter Followers Video

It’s one of those deals you have to jump on early enough or the price keeps increasing.  When I got a hold of this product it costs me $29.00.  Guy’s this really was a no brainer.  Just the few minutes that program was working I doubled my money that night, and through my Twitter Followers through the roof.

I’m not sure the technology involved with this program, as it blows me a way.  Yes it is an automatic tool, however it works differently then most tools.  You see it doesn’t just log in to your account and make all these inputs and selections all at once.  It actually takes your account and replicates human behavior.  I have mine set up to pause every 1-5 seconds.  So it really does look like a human is controlling the screen.

To be absolutely honest with you guys, I’ve only had it a few days, and I’m absolutely blown away.  I don’t even know all the benefits and features it has.  I just wanted to throw this post so that ya’ll could check it out before the price increases, or before he sells out.  Let me tell you the little bit I do know about this tool.

Click Here To See This Tool In Action


Managing your Twitter Followers, and those that Refuse to Follow You!

Up to this point I was using an external service.   I think it only costs me $5.00 a year, and it worked.  It was just a pain to always log in to another website and run this script.   Well guys this tool has all this built in.  I’m actually able to tell the tool, I want it to unfollow everybody that I am following that is not following me.  I know that sounds confusing but just read it again.  In addition to that I can set a filter up that says, however do not include the unfollow option on those I have only started to follow within the last 24 hours.

As far as increasing my followers.  I can either type in a Twitter Username and the tool will follow all of that persons followers or even better I can type in a keyword and the tool will check all the Twitter profiles for mention of that keyword.  In my case I type in make money online, and the tool goes and finds hundred of Twitter Profiles all dealing with making money online. I can then tell it to go follow those profiles, and instantly increase my Twitter followers.

Now wait a minute.  Just because I’m following somebody does not mean they are one of my Twitter Followers.  Yes!  You are right.  However, if you can shake loose those that are not following you, and swap them out with some new breed, a large portion of those Twitter Profiles will follow you in return.

Here’s something you might now know.  There is actually automatic services that people can sign up for that will automatically follow anybody that follows them.  So your only task is to add followers, and get more Twitter Followers in return.

I feel bad cause this seems like a confusing post, but guy’s this tool rocks.  I’m not done yet.  I’ll tell you about one more cool feature and then I think you should take five minutes and go check the video out for yourself.

Brand Your Tweets with this Awesome New Tool!

Alright, so were all familiar what Tweets are.  Do you ever notice the little powered by links.  Powered by Social Oomph, Tweet Deck, Twitter Feed, you get the idea right?  Those companies are banking having their link on everybody’s Tweets.

Well what if you could add the same thing?  You Can!  I don’t even have this set up yet, as I am going to create a whole new sales page for my link.  In the tool, you can directly tweet to your Twitter Profile.  Well the tool has options that allow you to set up your own Powered By link.  Are you seeing the power behind this?  So not only do you have your Tweet leading the viewer back to your money page, post or feed.  You also have another link below that leading them back to any other page your interested in promoting.  For the $29.00 it is an awesome deal.  I’ve got multiple Twitter accounts and I can manage them all and very easily increase my Twitter Followers.

Click Here To See This Tool In Action!


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