Twitter Marketing… Just Isn’t Going Away!

Pictured: Twitter Marketing in Business
Twitter Marketing in Business

Hey Ya’ll so here’s how this went down.  You might notice on the side of my blog I’ve got a Twitter Marketing product being advertised called Twitter Commando.  This seems to be the one product people are very hesitant with.  So I thought I would take a minute and talk about Twitter Marketing and how it is essential in not only my business but also yours.

Now, I always start off with the truth, so this time will be no different.  I absolutely hate everything about Twitter, Facebook, all that crap.  As a matter of fact, I’m currently in the middle of a divorce, and a lot of that is contributed to the time that was spent on that damn facebook.  However, that is a different subject and blog all together.  Just now, my personal opinion, is these kind of tools are taking their little bit of personal persona people still have with each other.  The other thing that drives me nuts, is it opens the doors to people butting into business that just not pertain to them.

Ok, so now that is off my chest.  I still use them all.  You better believe it.  Social networking, Twitter, and even Facebook are all a very big part of my SEO and marketing campaign.  I wish they didn’t have to be.  However, the truth is, Google is too damn unstable for me.  Those guys are never happy with anything were doing.  You follow the rules, and the next minute your slapped or sandboxed.  The days of relying on organic rankings are gone.  You can still have good rankings, but if I was you I would get very diverse with your sources for internet traffic.  Hence this is where Twitter Marketing, as well as all those other social networks come into play.

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Here Is Why So Many People Fail With Twitter Marketing

Guys, there is one thing that I have tried to instil in you over and over.  Yes, you can make money online.  However it is not an easy task.  Well guess what Twitter Marketing is no different.  I know all these people tell you all you need to do is post links, people will look at your offer and buy.

Yeah really?  Then why haven’t I sold a thing on Twitter?  You see Twitter Marketing is not that easy.  I believe it is based on trust, persona, and the image you portray.  I make money on Twitter.  I can do it whenever I like to.  Sure it can be an ATM machine, but I don’t ever abuse it.  Those are my clients and they have to be treated like such.  Never will you see my just post an affiliate link on Twitter.  Come on guys, people know what you’re up to.  You’re not only going to miss out on that sale, if it was me I would unfollow you.  I’ve done exactly that.  To be successful with Twitter Marketing, you have to establish a trust, and a relationship.  It’s the same with blogging, Facebook, video marketing, whatever media outlet your focused on.  If people don’t trust you, they’re not got going to buy your product.  Period!

I Learned So Much About Twitter Marketing

So I first came across Sean Donahoe’s Twitter Marketing course about a year ago.  I did buy it, reviewed the videos, but at the time did not understand the power behind Twitter Marketing and social networking.  I’ve now learned a great portion of my internet traffic comes from Twitter and social media and thought I would go back and take another look at that course.

You know what guys, I missed the BOAT!  I’ll bet because I did not take action the first time I watched that course, I lost at least $100,000 in sales.  No exaggeration.  However, no I get it!  I’m slow when it comes to some things, you usually have to beat me over the head before I catch on.

Let me start out by giving you a real life example, the outcome of this course.  Then I will go into depth what you can expect to get yourself.

I’m sure you guys know by now.  I’m not photoshop amateur.  I know my graphics fairly well.  It’s where I started before Internet Marketing.  Well I found out a long time ago you could make a custom Twitter page and here is what you see below.  This is what my page used to look like, and this is what it looks like after completing Sean’s Twitter Commando course.

My Page BEFORE my Twitter Marketing Training:

Pictured: Before Twitter Marketing Course:

Before Twitter Marketing Course:










My Page AFTER my Twitter Marketing Training:

Pictured: After Twitter Marketing Training

After Twitter Marketing Training










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Whhoooaa!  You see the difference?  It’s like night and day.  Tell me which one of those pages excites you.  Which one of those pages develops a trust with you.  Do you feel like you’re up close and personal with me.  Now I can’t do anything about the ugly mug shot, sorry guys.  That’s just what my mamma gave me.  However, all joking aside you see how brand-able that is?

You can have the same thing.  To tell you the honest truth, yeah I know Photoshop and I know it very well.  However in this Twitter Marketing course, Sean gives you this exact source file.  He shows you how to modify it to work for your needs.  Not only that you get a whole variety of backgrounds to use with your page also.  It’s as simple as replacing an image and changing some text.

Chad, I don’t have photoshop, don’t want it, and can’t learn it.  Ok!  fair enough.  Here’s what you do, head over to,,, or any other outsourcing company out there.  Show them my page.  Give them the source file.  Tell them what you want.  Might cost you $35 tops!  I bet I could find somebody on Fiverr that would do it for $5.00

Before I get into what else is included in the Twitter Marketing training.  Take a minute to go look at my actual Twitter Page. While your there, do your self a favor and…  FOLLOW ME!

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Here is What I Got Out Of Twitter Commando, The Ultimate in Twitter Marketing

Pictured: witter Commando, Ultimate in Twitter Marketing

Twitter Commando, Ultimate in Twitter Marketing.

You guy’s have already seen the actual physical results that came from my training but what you don’t know is after I completed the course I increased my followers by over 700 people overnight.  I kid you not!  That’s not the best part, what if I told you out of those 700 people they all belong in the”money marketing niche”  Guy’s for me those are the people I want receiving my message.

How did I do that?  How do I continue to do that.  Well the answer is simple.  I implemented everything that Sean Donahoe taught me how to do.  I didn’t ask questions, I didn’t try to understand, I just gave  him my full attention and took action.  Like I have done so many times before.  The man will not fail you, he knows his stuff.

I not only learned how to increase my followers, I learned a way I could do it automatically using a sneaky little tool I have never heard of.  You have to be careful with Twitter, you follow to many people and they will band your account.  Well with this tool, it keeps you in the safe zone.

I also learned how to unfollow the people who were not following me.  Remember with Twitter Marketing you can only follow 2,000 people until that many people follow you.  Then I think they increase it 10% each time or something like that.  Well with this tool, there is no need, your safe!  The time you spend, and the targeted leads you bring in are awesome!

It doesn’t sop there.  Twitter Marketing, evolves way beyond just your Twitter page.  You will learn about the different plugins you need to have on your main page.  The widgets that tie it all together, and the awesome Twitter Magnets, and Funnels that will ultimately bring you sales.

The best part, It takes a lot of diversity to establish trust with Twitter Marketing.  You can post affiliate links, however you need to mix it up a bit.  In Twitter Commando you will be learn how to load tips, strategies, and even quotes into your Twitter Account.  Not only that, this can all be fed on auto pilot.  I think this was the best part of the whole course.  Sean even went as far as to give you 400 positive quotes that you can load up into your own account.

Twitter Marketing And Autoblogging?

Pictured: Twitter Commando

Twitter Commando

Guy’s think of that powerful combination.  It can be done.  You will learn how to do this.  The best part,he will show you how to do all this using free methods and tools that will shock the daylights out of you.  Imagine if you have got a blog in the health niche.  You can very simply grab the latest news from that industry, feed it to your twitter account and increase your following.  You will also learn how to take every post you make for your blog and automatically feed it into your Twitter account.

Whatever your goal is.  Whether your out to increase your traffic, building up clientele, or making money on the internet, you can use the tips, tactics, and strategies that are in this course.  I highly recommend it.  I’ve implemented it myself, and the results are awesome.  So now is your time to become an expert with Twitter Marketing

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