UPDATE: Page Rank 4 In 8 Months!

Pictured: Page Rank 4 in 8 Months

Page Rank 4 in 8 Months

Wow! What a crazy ride this year has been.  I tell you what as far as business goes it just can’t get any better.  Back on March 09, 2011 I wrote a post, after one week of the site being live.  I was static because this site had hit a Page Rank of #2.  I thought that was quite an accomplishment, and still believe that to be true to this day,  You many notice in the picture the theme I was using was very different back then.  I think it was actually a Woo theme.  Then I switched it over to the HeatMap theme, and now finally I am using the Thesis theme, and since then the website has become known to many as an Authority blog.

Today, it was pointed out to me that my website went from a PR#2, to a PR#4 overnight.  I have verified this with other people, and they too experienced an increase with their page rank so everything appears to be legitimate.  Now for many building a site from scratch and eight months later achieving a Page Rank of #4 is quite an accomplishment.  So I’m going to do something different with this post, and I’m going to list a lot of the questions I have been getting in my email, and try to answer them to the best of my ability.

Question: I noticed your website is jumping like mad in your Alexa Ranking… Any secret you can share with me?

I actually get asked questions about Alexa Rankings quite a bit.  Right now my Alex Ranking is at 50,114.  I have had it as low as 46k.  Am I doing anything special? Absolutely not.  I wrote a post not too long ago talking about Alex Rankings and what I contribute my success to so check out that post:  http://www.chadnicely.com/alexa/

Question:  You say your website kicked off in March of 2011, but when I checked the Domain was bought in October of 2009.  Maybe you need to consider this, when you tell people how successful your website has been.  Chances are you had content from the previous owner!

Ahhh, very observant.  I don’t know if there are any other Chad Nicely’s in the Internet Marketing sector.  Maybe there are.  I am the sole owner of this domain.  I never bought this from anybody.  I think I bought it on NameCheap in 2009, for like $10.  I didn’t do anything with the domain, but originally bought it to have for customer support.  I was getting ready to get real heavy in product development.  It was in 2011, I finally started putting that domain to use with this site.

Question: You BAG on ALL the Internet Marketers, but yet you don’t seem to have a problem selling products on your site.  What does that make you?

I love these questions, keep them coming!  You are absolutely right on everything but one thing.  I don’t bag on ALL Internet Marketers and I don’t ever mention any names.  I do however have a problem with some of the scams that are taking place on the Internet.  I think an Internet Marketer needs to help out the customer first and foremost.  Success will follow them when they do so.  Everybody else out there is just a flash in the pan.  There days are numbered.  Now having said that I am actually affiliated with some pretty BIG marketers, some that you might necessarily approve of.  Does it mean I will always promote their products?  Absolutely not!  Everything I promote is tested, and used by myself day after day.  You might notice I promote the same things over and over again.  You don’t see to many new products coming from me.  I could very easily pitch the next ClickBank product to you, but I won’t do that until I know it works and you can benefit from it.  Right now, I just don’t have the time to try anything new.

Question: I wish you would get into more Video Marketing, I enjoy those!

Yes, thank you for your comments, but I HATE VIDEO!  LOL…. However, I am making more of an attempt.  I recently started applying the techniques I learned in the Video Marketing Goldmine course.  Check out this post for yourself, it is the most detailed post I have ever written!  http://www.chadnicely.com/video-marketing-goldmine/

Question: I missed your VMG contest, and really wanted that course, will you be running it again?

I can’t say I blame you.  That course is definitely top-notch!  However, I planned on running more contests in the near future, but I did not plan on using VMG as a prize again.

Question: You preach using Adsense, but I don’t see Adsense on your site?

I preach about using any monetization method that can effectively and honestly make you money online.  I had Adsesne on this site when it was a heatmap theme.  However when I switched to Thesis I removed it.  Two reasons for doing that.  I wanted to focus on this site being more of an authority figure site, an Adsense doesn’t fit that role.  The second reason was I started focusing on ListBuilding again, and am using the plugin called Popup Domination.  Google has strict guidelines that states you can not use any kind of popup script in combination with your Adsense.  However, it was making VERY GOOD money!

Question: Can you please help me start making money online?

Sure I can just read the website.  I throw everything I got at you.  More importantly TAKE ACTION.  I have given dozens of ideas and resources to help people start succeeding online.

Question: Can you please coach me with the techniques and strategies you know

I don’t offer coaching at all.  I wouldn’t have the time to do it.  I can honestly tell you most of the strategies I have learned have come from my Inner Circle friends, and I think you could get more out of there everyday, then you could with be.  http://www.chadnicely.com/marketeting-strategies/

Question: Why do you write such long posts, where do you find the time?

Great question, I get asked this a lot.  The bottom line is SEO.  I really do struggle with time.  Some of those posts take me hours to do.  Is it worth it?  Well you tell me… today this site is now a PR4.  My posts get ranked extremely well for the keywords I go after.  Part of the reason is the length, and the media I include.

Question: I really value your honesty and integrity… please tell me how to make money online, I will try anything

Simple.  Right now everybody is so focused on trying to trick Google.  Forget about Google.  Go to video!  You don’t even have to put your face on the video if you don’t want to.  You don’t even have to speak in your video, you can outsource this for like $5.00 on Fiverr.  Just check out this post for the best way to get started with video: http://www.chadnicely.com/video-marketing-goldmine/

Question: Can you please provide me a list of plugins you’re using on your site?

Not at this time, I currently have about 65 plugins, and I’ll be releasing their exact names and purposes in the course I’m about to launch.

Question: What is your Affiliation and How did you get hooked up with Sean Donahoe?

First of all Sean is a Great guy, he definitely knows his stuff and he cares that you succeed.  So I am very proud to be affiliated with him.  I learned about Donahoe through a very good friend of mine.  I was then one of his students, believed in what he stood for, and very simply TOOK ACTION!  Donahoe is not the first BIG guy I have worked for.  I have actually worked for one of the BIGGEST celebrities in the world.  How?  TAKE ACTION, and NEVER GIVE UP no matter what you are doing.  Here is that friend that introduced me to Donahoe, good guy: http://mrjimhudson.com/

Question: Can you so some Graphics for me, I will pay you whatever you want?

Sorry, I get a TON of requests for graphics, but I’m just too busy to do any kind of website or graphics design.

Question: I would love to author your blog, do you do that?

If you mean, write a guest post?  PLEASE DO!  Just make sure you follow some simple guidelines and keep it relevant to this site.  Here is a video showing you how to submit a guest post: http://www.chadnicely.com/guest-post/

Question: When I left a comment, it asked for me to Tweet, or like on Facebook… What is that

Ahhh yes… that would be called CommentLuv Premium.  It is a paid plugin but worth every penny.  Here is the link: http://www.chadnicely.com/comment-luv/

Question: Your daughter Madalyn is so adorable, we need to see more of her and less of you… 😉

hmmm…. Thank you…. I think?  LOL… she is awesome.  She does great on video too. I have some videos of her on my YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/chadnicely.  In addition to that I am also going to apply a flicker script in here that would automatically feed pictures from my Flicker account to my site, kind of like John Chow has

Question: How did you get John Chow to accept your post?

Simple TAKE ACTION!  The worst he can do is say now, if he does go give it to Zac Johnson, or Ana Hoffman.  No big deal :)  Here is that post: http://www.chadnicely.com/guest-post-on-a-site-that-gets-300000-monthly-views/

Question: I’m pretty sure your not going to WIN that Twitter Challenge!

LOL… No problemo bud, got this one in the BAG!  http://www.chadnicely.com/guest-post-on-a-site-that-gets-300000-monthly-views/

Question: Your Beautiful wife Sarah is she a Realtor or a Marketer?

Well, first of all I’ll forward your email to her, she will love that comment, and then to answer your question she does BOTH!

Question: Where is Casper, Wyoming?

I get asked this so much!  LOL…. here is a very big post, telling you all bout this place: http://www.chadnicely.com/casper-wyoming/


Alright cool.  That is about a 200 word post, and awesome internal links.  Keep the questions coming in.  chad@chadnicely.com.  I will answer each and every one, but have patience it takes time.  Well with that being said, will do this again when I hit that PR5.  Remember….. TAKE ACTION!

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