My First Photoshop Project

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Curiouser, and Curiouser!  I keep getting these emails from people wanting to know where I am getting my viral images from.  Very simple guys I make them!  I do it all the time.  It’s a strategy I have been using for a very long time.  See here’s the thing…  I can’t write!  LOL.  I’m not kidding I can excel in every part of Internet Marketing except the writing part.  So I make up for it with goofy images that tell a story.  So I thought about his, how about if I show you how I go about making these images.

Now, I’ll be honest with you.  I’ve been shooting videos all week for the “Power Series” training that we should have out very soon.  As energetic as I get, I’m kind of to the point where I’m starting to lose my voice.  So I did this along side some music that is sure to put you to sleep.  Enjoy :)


So I did just that, I created a viral image for tomorrow’s post, and it took me about 7 minutes.  I really did wing it, and choked a little bit with it, but with that being said, still managed to get through the process in 7 minutes, now just because the video took 7 minutes, does not mean it did not take me another 2 hours to put all the captions, and zooms in.  LOL.  Oh well, I think you guys will like this.  You can do it yourself, with a little bit of practice.  Let me dig through my files and see if I can show you my first Photoshop project.

My Very first Photoshop Project, Done with Adobe CS, Almost 10 years ago

My First Photoshop Project

This really was my first ever Photoshop project this was for my restaurants.  That tent, is a 10′ x 10′ tent.  Talk about a monster project!  This was all designed on “Adobe’s Creative Suite.”  Guys they are up to CS5 now!  This was a long time ago.  When I opened that PSD today, it was 1.8 GB.  Look at the canvas size.  37200 x 37200 pixels.  That is like 12′ x 12′.   It took me 10 minutes to open on my system, and trust me I have a kick ass system.  So you can imagine back in the day.  I can remember changing colors on the PSD or moving pixels, and having to wait like 5-10 minutes for the PSD to render.  It was very stressful.

I can also remember spending all day working on it, not saving and watching my computer crash.  Yup I lost all my work.  By the way that picture with the catering trailer and everything, that was the finished results.  So my point is this, if I could figure out this thing 10 years ago on a scale that big.  Then you can take a little  72 DPI image, and learn the program.

About those restaurants, bet you’re thinking you learn something new about me everyday?  Well long story short here you go.  I owned two of these restaurants.  They were called Philly’s Steak n’ Company.  Originally called Philly’s Steak n’ Shake.  However, a Cease and Desist letter from lawyers from a very big chain, and it became Philly’s Steak n’ Company.  We served up the Authentic Philly Cheese Steaks, Giant Charbroiled Burgers, Hoagies, Ribbon Fries, and Monster Funnel Cakes!  No we were not a franchise.  That was started from scratch.  I almost went the direction of a franchise, but personal reasons in life stopped me from doing that.

In addition to that I owned a gift shop called Gifts’ N Harmony, and that was before the restaurant so we are talking a long time ago.  I was paying the mall rent at $1.00 a sq ft, but then all day long I was taking in orders online from about 10 different websites.  So after the mall closed we would box up all our orders and ship them out.  It was too easy back then.  I manipulated a script called ECT, cloned the database and gave it a different domain name, and front end.  Here’s the best part, back then we were just paying for traffic through Overture.  It was so easy to make money back then.

Alright, so I am way of topic here, but might as well finish.  Everyday you will find me drinking some kind of latte.  It is my true passion in life.  So I decided I was going to just open up my own coffee house.  So I did just that it was called “Moody Brews.” and it was awesome.  I’ll see if I can dig up those pics some other time.  We served the finest coffee money could buy.  Not only that we served them in big tall beer mugs.  In addition to the coffee we had fresh gelato, homemade scones, cakes, fudge, the biggest salad bar in town, and fresh Panini.  The part I miss most was the Bagel chips.  So I’ve got a great deal of experience in marketing and working with the public.

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