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I’m giving you access to my personal SEO, that will increase your website ranking just like he did mine

Pictured:Website Rankings with my SEO

Website Rankings with my SEO

Hey guys, let me start out by saying, I am going to do what I just said.  However, I want you to understand this is one of the few times there is absolutely nothing in it for me.

I’ve got a guy that knows SEO better then most of the top Search Engine Optimization companies out there.  He is good, and has thrown my website rankings through the roof.  Now you guys know from previous readings that I have a team of outsourcers that build links, write articles, do some social networking, and other various tasks.

However, what you don’t know is that when I need to get a website ranking that is very competitive in nature, or cumbersome.  I bring in the big guns.  Now I don’t know everything he is doing to get me these top website rankings, and I probably never will.  However I have put some things together, and he has let me in on a little bit.

This guy is a genius with automation tools.  I kid you not. The proof is in the pudding that these tools work when you know how to use them.  I for one am not real great with tools for increasing my website rankings, but I’m better then most.


The first thing to getting a solid website ranking is protecting your site!

If you’re anything like me then you understand we need to keep our site very well protected.  This can be done using the link magnet methods.  If you don’t know what that is I did a very detailed post on this site a few weeks ago.

To sum it up for you, the link magnet protects your main money page, but still allows us to build up links at the same time.  Now the results are unbelievable.  Here are some keywords we got in the top 10, just this week:

Pictured: Website Ranking Report

Website Ranking Report


It may not seem like an accomplishment to you.  However, trust me with the traffic that is involved in this specific niche, and the competitiveness those gains are massive.  They mean the difference of a couple hundred dollars each and every day.

So you have a choice to make.  You can try to figure out SEO yourself.  You can buy all the latest tools and gadgets out there.  Or you can keep going about your business and let my guy help you with your website rankings.


Why should you use my SEO to increase your Website Ranking?

The answer is very simple.  He knows what he is doing.  Look at all the other services today.  Look what they are doing.  They are doing one of two things, that will ulitimately get your website rankings dropped or even worse, sandboxed.

They are either building links to your main page (BIG NO NO) or they are creating link wheels (MASSIVE FOOTPRINT).  Google knows about these two tricks.  They don’t work, you might as well get your money back while you can.

So what exactly is my guy going to do to increase your website ranking?  As I stated before he uses the link magnet strategy. Then once you have that in place you can blast the crap out of your link magnets and allow the juice to flow to your money site.

If your link magnet gets spanked, and I’m sure it will.  We don’t care.  It’s not there to help us rank, rather it’s there to keep the link juice flowing.  I hope that makes sense.


Here is What My SEO Does For ME and my website ranking:

  1. Profile Backlinks
  2. Blog Commenting
  3. Article Submissions
  4. Directory Submissions
  5. Linkmagnets
  6. EDU/GOV Backlinks
  7. Press Release

Bookmarking Submission of Onsite targeted pages

Articles Submitted to High PR Blog Networks

Homepage Contextual Backlinks – My sites are  entered into a network of HighPR homepage Contextual backlinks (PR 3-5)

My backlinks are given a LinkPush for more PR power and indexing.


You can use the same SEO I use and increase your website rankings

Now I know you might now know what all that means and that’s ok.  If you do know then you understand the value that is being offered here.  I have this guy working on several services all at once.  I even paid him $1000 up front just to teach me the secrets he knows regarding SEO and website ranking.

There is only one other guy I can think of that is this high caliber.  Yes, he really is that good.  So I asked him to put together a special deal for my readers, and anybody looking to increase their website ranking.  I asked him to take everything that he was doing for me and make a package out of it.

This is the purpose of this post.  I have nothing to gain from it.  I haven’t asked for a single dime for anybody that signs up.   Frankly I’m just giving him more business, and hopefully being a tremendous help in your own businesss.  You can see the package that he set up by clicking the link below.  We have also set up a coupon for you to use.

Please keep me posted with your results.  I just know this guy can send your website rankings through the roof!


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