If You Found $200 On The Ground What Would You Do?

There are a few diamonds in the rough…

Pictured: Good Samaritian
Good Samaritan

Hey guys, how are you.  So this afternoon I was taken back by something that happened to me.  Before I tell you just what that was.  I want to tell you about everyday experiences for me here in Casper, Wyoming.

People are just damn rude.  They will push and shove, cut you off in traffic, sneak in and take your parking space, even though your damn blinker has been on for five minutes.

I kid you not, I actually am one of the good guys.  If I come to a line of cars at a stop light, and there is people waiting to turn and get in line, I always stop and give them enough space to get in there.  Even though the jerks in the back are laying on their horn, all mad as hell because I am being considerate.

Half the time when I go out and eat, my family is almost seated before I’m even able to get in the door.  Why is that?  Well because I held the door for the elderly lady, and then her husband, then the family that starts running at the door because they see a young man holding the door, and then some more elderly folks and then I finally get to come in myself.

Then there is the biggest pet peeve of all!  You know when your trying to merge on to the freeway.  Actually I stand corrected, here in Wyoming we don’t have freeways, we have interstates.  Anyways when your trying to merge on the interstate people typically move over to the far lane so that you can enter right?  Ohhhh no, not here, these guys will just let you drive yourself right off the road.  They just don’t care whatsoever!

Now, I am not picking on Casper, Wyoming.  I’m sure this is the same anywhere you go.  It’s a dog eat dog world, and everybody looks out for their own self.  I go through every day sure that this is the case, however today I was reminded there are still decent people in this world, who care about people around them.

My Encounter with one of the Last Good Samaritans

Alright, so I had a very hectic, and stressful day.  I had to attend an appointment with my wife today at 3:00 pm, so I decided to skip lunch, and leave the office early.  Well this appointment, was definitely not the most fun.  So I decided I was going to stop by Wendys and get me a big juicy burger.

Guys, if you haven’t had the double baconator, you are definitely missing out.  This is like one of the best fast food burgers I have ever had, with the exception of In N’ Out of course.  Anyways back to the point.  I walked up to the counter, ordered me that Baconator meal, with a fry, and an ice tea.  So it came to like $8.00 I whipped out my wallet, gave her my debit card, and sat down to satisfy my hunger.  I don’t carry cash, so I buy everything with my debit card.  At least that is what I thought.

As I was biting into my Baconator, this big guy with a ball cap came to my table in a very aggressive manner.  He asked me “How much money you got”, I played stupid “Huh”, he said it again “How much money you got man?”  Now guys I thought I had a fight on my hand.  The way he came at me I thought he was accusing me of stealing.  So with me being the tough guy I was I turn into Mr. Tough guy and say “What’s it to you.”  This guy then goes and slams two hundred-dollar bills on my table, and says you better check your pockets.

Earlier that day, I was paid back $300 from an earlier loan.  I had it loose in my pockets with some other receipts.  Now I’m not sure where that other $100 went.  Maybe that was his finder’s fee.  Whatever the case, it takes a real honest person to go up to somebody and give them back $200.

Now, if you were in the same situation honestly what would you do.  I instantly asked myself the same question.  Would you keep it?  Or would you find the owner?  Tough question isn’t it.

Maybe you can share an experience you have had, where somebody has shown kindness to you.  I would love to hear about it below.

I shook that man’s hand, I offered to buy his lunch. Went back shook his hand again, and then before I left I told him he was appreciated one last time.  I wish there was more people like this in the world.  Thank you kind sir.  Much appreciated.

Whoever that kind gentleman was thanks again.

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