Wibiya alright I’m digging it!

Everybody keeps asking… the answer is Wibiya!

All my readers keep hitting me up on Skype asking, where in the word did you get that cool Wibiya thing at the bottom of your blog.  Well my answer is this post.  That toolbar is called a Wibiya toolbar.  The next question I get asked is how much do you pay for it.  Well the truth is this little tool bar is Free if you choose of course there are paid options but you don’t have to take the premium service.

So let’s get you started.  All you need to do is click the link I’ve given you below.  I’ll walk you through getting signed up, tell you a little bit about the powers involved, what I recommend, and then you’ll be on your way to have a Wibiya bar yourself.

Click Here to Get Started with Wibiya

When you first login that is pretty self-explanatory.  Just sign up for your Wibiya account like you would anywhere else.  Next your going to be presented with a screen like the image I have below.  Here you can choose a theme to match your site.  Yes color is important.  This will probably change once you see how your chosen features look, but for now just go by a color you like.

Pictured: Wibiya Colors

The features in Wibiya are Out of this World!

Now that you have got a theme chosen it’s time to populate that theme with some of the Wibiya applications or features.  These guys never cease to amaze me.  You can pull feeds from your Twitter, or RSS.  Have the Wibiya bar pull random posts from your blog.  There is a feature that allows viewers and yourself to see how many people are viewing your site at that very moment, and where in the world they are located.  There is a live chat function, all the social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, linked in, friendfeed, and so much more.  Guy’s there is so much you can make that little tool bar do.  So you next step is to review the features you want and click to add them to your bar.  The screen shot it below:

Pictured: Wibiya Features

Wibiya is so easy to Configure

At this point choose the initial features you want.  You will have the option to choose more features later, but for right now choose from the list they have provided for you.  Depending on the feature there will be more additional information required such as user names, permissions, etc…

Once you have done this you will be advanced to another screen that will ask you how you want to install the Wibiya Bar, in other words what platform are you using.   For most of you including myself we use WordPress.  In that case click the word press icon and you will be given a link to the Wibiya Wordpress plug-in.  Now see in my image below, I have added an arrow to a very critical piece of information.  Copy this toolbar path.  You will need it in a minute.

Pictured: Wibiya Path

All you need to do is add this unzip this file, and add the wibiya.php to your plugins directory.  Like any other wordpress plugin you will just activate the plugin and go to the Wibiya settings.  You will then see a screen like below.  Remember that critical path I told you to copy, just paste it in your settings, enable your bar and your Wibiya bar should be live on your site.

Pictured: Wibiya Install

So then once you have this installed on your blog, you can then log back in to your Wibiya account online, not wordpress.  At the top click “Add Applications”  On the right if you view all applications you will see everything Wibiya has to offer.  Pretty cool stuff.  There is also a button on the right side that lets you rearrange items on your Wibiya bar.  The only tricky part I’ve seen is when your done playing, adding, and re-arranging you need to click your dashboard at the top and tell it to install again.  Head back over to your site and you should see the changes.

Remember guys, read all these features and applications very carefully.  They wont work if you don’t have them configured properly.  You can login and change your Wibiya account whenever you want using the credentials your signed up with.  Well there you go guys hope I answered everybodys questions about that cool little bar at the bottom of my blog.  Looking forward to your comments on the Wibiya Bar

Click Here to Get Started with Wibiya

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