Wish They Had Themes Like This When I Was Kid!

Sorry guys, Im in a veg mode today.  Seeing how it is the Labor Day Weekend and all.  So I was doing some backlinking the other day, in my new living room.  My wife had gone to bed early and I had the choice between Letterman and the Tonight Show.  Usually I go with Letterman, but I was feeling so lazy to the point I didn’t even want to mess with the remote, so I was stuck with Leno.

I actually made it all the way to the end of the show, but if you saw the pretty actress he has on, you would of made it to the end to.  So if you watch these late night shows you know they usually conclude with some cool music band.  Well I was hearing what you see in the video above, and I was thinking… man, I know this catchy tune.  Then when they got to the ” Most Sensational, Celebrational, Motivational, Muppetational” part..it hit me!  I was like all be damned, that’s that old muppet tune.  I forgot the muppets even existed.  Why couldn’t they make theme songs that cool when I was a kid?

Things were pretty damn corny when I was a kid!

There is very little I remember about being a kid.  However I can tell you I was a big fan of Ponch and John.  Remember the Chips theme song?  Wasn’t that cool?  I now realize there is not much difference between that music and the porno films from that era.    Am I right?  Maybe you haven’t been exposed to such art?  LOL

I ask my wife if she remembers Chips.  Now she comes from a family that didn’t watch a lot of TV.  However, she didn’t know what it was.  Could be because it stood for “California Highway Patrol”, which is why it aired in Cali and not Wyoming?  Maybe I don’t know

How about the Big Black Bear. that never ate anybody?

Pictured: Gentle Ben TV Show

Gentle Ben TV Show

Here’s another one.  You guys remember Gentle Ben?  Oh yeah, I was a big Gentle Ben fan.  I should be ashamed to admit all this, but what the hell.  You can’t think any less of me then you already do.  The coolest thing about Gentle Ben is when they got on those cool air boats, and they went into the marshes in like Louisiana or something.  I always wanted to cruise around on one of those boats, and go hunt the gators.

Don’t worry guys my list gets even worse.  I’m such a dork, there was one afternoon I spent like 3 hours on YouTube finding all the old commercials when I was a kid, only to say to my wife “Baby… you remember this….”  only to have her say…. “umm… nope”

What If I Told You I was a Big FLIPPER FAN!

Yup I’d be lying to you if I told you I was not running around the house singing “They call him flipper, flipper… faster then lightning….”  Is that even the right lyrics?  LOL  I totally dug that show.  I would have loved to have lived that life.  Wake up on a house out in some small little town… walk 100 feet to the ocean dock, jump in the water and hang out with a dolphin all day.

Tell me where to go to have that kind of life.  I still have that desire.  I’ll even settle without the talking dolphin.  I’m telling you guys, I had my TV schedule figured out back then.  All I had to do was wait for my mothers shows to finish up.  Here was her schedule:

Pictured: Flipper - Where do I find this Dolphin?

Flipper - Where do I find this Dolphin?

All Soap Operas!  Are these still around?

Days of our Lives, Another World, and then to conclude with Santa Barbara.  UGGG!!!!  I couldn’t wait for 2:00.  Why cause it was time for Chips!  Then Gentle Ben, proceeded by Flipper and only to conclude with……….

You Guessed It LASSIE!

No kids list would be complete without Lassie.  Ahhh man, what a cool dog.  I never had a dog that could act like that.  Here’s a fun fact… I recently heard that there was not only one Lassie in that TV Show, but there was actually several dogs they would use.  I was so pissed when I heard that.  Bunch of fraudulent two-timers. Then it all of the sudden occurred to me… Wait a minute you mean there are lots of dogs that act like this?  Where do I find these dogs!

I have a confession to make!

This might come as a surprise to you.  However I acutally hated those damn muppets.  I can remember my grandpa “Pops” was always playing those muppets on TV for me.  He also had a really nice fire going and he would throw in these crystals that would turn the flames different colors.  Awesome Grandpa he was!  Anyways, yeah hated Miss Piggy, Kermit, and all those guys.  Instead I was into Fragile Rock!  Ahhh yeah… not that was interesting.  Them little rascals would cruise around in underground caves or tunnels, pop up out of a well or something only to have some big human chase them around.

Which reminds me of another show.  The land of the lost.  Remember this one?  Ahhh man good stuff.  I actually think this TV show did make it to the big screen recenly featuring “Will Farrell”, it just didn’t have the same feeling though did it?  When I was a kid I was at Disney Land and got to watch Michael Jacksons “Captain Eeo”  I think this was like the first ever 3-D movie ever made.  Michael and Geroge Lucas were way ahead of the times on that one.  It was a massive hit.  Micheal was actually at Disney Land while I was watching it.  Not that I could get anywhere near him.

Over the years, Disney Land got rid of Captain Eeo.  However, when I was there last Christmas with my family they brought it back out in honor of his death.  I mean why not.  Everybody is die hard supporters and fans now that he is gone.  You know what.  Captain Eeo was nothing like I remembered it.  I was actually rather bored.  There was nothing exciting about it.  Sorry Michael, but it was actually pretty corny for me second time around.  People change, and technology change.


TV Was Awesome Back Then!

So I sit here on the couch with kids of my own.  I think, man why doesn’t Disney play “Donald Duck” or “Mickey Mouse” cartoons anymore.  Now we’ve got “phineas and ferb”, “Hannah Montana”, those obnoxious twins and even “Gasey The Farting Dog”.  Are you kidding me Walt has got to be rolling over in his grave.  I always hated Looney Toons when I was growing up, but at this point I would even settle for that.

Then again, I can see my kids reactions if I made them watch the TV shows I was subjected to when I was a kid!  Although, I’m starting to notice that History always repeats itself at least once.  The Transformers, and the Smurfs have recently proved that.  Maybe Lassie, Flipper, Ben, Ponch, and John will show themselves again.  This time instead of it being on a little tiny TV box, they’ll make themselves present on the big 52″ Color TV, with surround sound and Blue Ray :)

Alright, well now you know why I’m a big dork.  Like I said had there been cool theme songs like you see above, I might have been a little cooler today.  Instead I still have theme songs from Mr Rogers, and his “Wonderful day in the neighborhood”, Dumbo’s Circus “To see an elephant fly….”, and even the “Different Strokes” song pops in my head.  Guys, I haven’t even began to tell you all the corny ass commercials I find myself singing.  Ok enough’s enough, I’ll save the little big of dignity I have left and get back to my constructive posting.

Questions For You?

What was your favorite show when you were younger?
Do you think any of these shows will make a come back?
Do these types of shows influence how are kids are raised.

Show me your alive guys!  Leave a comment!